7 Reasons You Should Consider Fishing

Fishing is an outdoor activity that allows you to not only provide a rich source of protein, but also let you spend quality time with your family and friends, get some exercises to improve your health, and relieve stress from your life. In this article, we will discuss reasons why you should consider fishing.

1. Organic Protein

One of the main reasons people fish is to provide a rich form of protein for consumption. Imagine catching a chinook salmon. It is a delicious and healthy fish with many health benefits. When you fish in the open waters, you catch fish that are not raised in a controlled environment; they are free range. They haven’t been fed and processed food made with hormones and chemicals.

When you take home fish you caught when fishing, you are satisfied as it is 100% organic which will benefit your family in a healthy way.

2.  Strengthening Relationships

Fishing allows you to spend quality time with family and friends away from the televisions, and electronic gadgets. You build stronger bonds with your kids, spouse, and friends as your enjoy time outdoors where you get to learn other aspects of their personalities and create lasting memories.

Additionally, fishing allows you to teach your kids how to fish. Introduce fishing to them and let them get to appreciate nature and cherish it. This is also a good way to build good relationships with your kids and strengthen the influence you have on them. If you are at a lake or river that has chain pickerel, you can give your kids a first lesson on how to catch chain pickerel, how to use the fishing rod, put the bait on the hook, cast the line and reel in the chain pickerel.

3.  Economy Boost

Fishing supports the local and the national economies. The fishing license purchased, as well as the fishing gear, clothing, and other fishing related products add to millions of dollars that not only support the national economy, but also the local economies.

It is reported that the gross cost of fishing licenses in the United States was approximately 751.38 million U.S. dollars.

4. Connect With Nature

Fishing allows you to disconnect from the stress of everyday living and connect with nature on a completely different level. It allows you to destress from the demands of your jobs, daily routines, and other activities. You get in tune with nature on a more serene level that is relaxing and relieving.

Additionally, it makes you appreciate nature and the things we take for granted. You then cherish them more and work to preserving the things of nature and be a better steward.

5. Healthy Lifestyle

Fishing allows you to be more active as you walk around the pond, lake, river looking for fish. If you spend a day fishing and walking around the body of water, you will burn a considerable amount of calories. Additionally, fishing allows you to work the muscles in your arms, hands, hands, chests and legs. It is a complete workout that will help you be healthy. For example, learning how to catch bream involves a good amount of walking, casting, and reeling that will be good exercise for your arms, hands, and chest.

6. Ecosystem Balance

One of the benefits of fishing is that is helps to balance the ecosystem. By fishing, you help to maintain the ecosystem. There are times when there is an increase in the population of one species of fish which threatens the balance of the ecosystem.

The Fishing and Wildlife Service, in conjunction with the state authorities, will create new rules and regulations removing or increasing the bag limits on the species of fish to curb its sudden population increase to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Fishing helps maintain the ecosystem.

7. Supports Wildlife & Conservation Programs

Millions of dollars in revenue are generated from fishing and fishing related activities, and sale of products. Taxes, on fishing products, clothing, and revenue from the purchase of fishing license generates millions of dollars and some of this revenue is given to Wildlife and Conservation programs that do research and implement programs to preserve marine life.


Fishing is an outdoor activity with many benefits. It helps you build stronger bonds with your family and friends, provide a rich source of organic protein, contribute to the economies, as well as fund research and other programs to preserve wildlife.

In this article, we have discussed some of the benefits of fishing and made the case as to why you should consider getting involved with fishing.

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