Can you afford a Newport News workers’ comp lawyer? Find here

The aftermath of a work injury in Newport News can be confusing. While you should prioritize your health and well-being, it is equally important to notify your employer and file a workers’ compensation claim. It is not mandatory to hire legal help, but without expertise on your end, you could end up losing or compromising on the benefits you deserve. Most injured workers are worried about the cost of hiring a Newport News workers’ comp lawyer. We have a few points below for your help.

Meeting a lawyer

Lawyers who handle workers’ compensation claims as their prime area of practice in VA don’t charge an upfront fee to review a potential case. It is okay to have many questions on your mind after the injury, and you should meet a lawyer to know the benefits and aspects of the system. A capable lawyer will explain your rights and all relevant factors pertaining to the case.

The contingency fee

Like lawyers practicing personal injury law, workers’ compensation lawyers also take a contingency fee. For the unversed, this means that the lawyer’s price is based on how they deal with the case and get you a favorable outcome. The cost is 20% of the settlement, which is considerably lower than what you would pay a personal injury lawyer. There is no need for a retainer fee or an hourly rate. The lawyer will work to get the benefits for you without charging anything immediately.

Finding the right attorney

  1. Check online for top-rated law firms in your city. You can make a list of potential lawyers and schedule appointments with them.
  2. Ask for referrals from attorneys you know. A divorce lawyer, for instance, doesn’t have the expertise to handle a workers’ compensation claim, but they know others.
  3. Look for details through ratings. There are websites like Nolo, Avvo, and Justia that can help find ratings for local lawyers.
  4. Check the lawyer’s profile. What percentage of the lawyer’s work is dedicated to workers’ compensation claims? That’s a valid question worth asking.

In conclusion

Hiring a lawyer allows you to explore all legal options for your claim. If your case is denied by the insurance company, the lawyer can help with an appeal. The workers’ compensation system is often hard to decode, and with a lawyer on your side, you are always a step ahead in being proactive. Remember, your lawyer will take care of the complex paperwork that may make or break the claim.

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