4 Facts About Propane

Propane is a gas that is usually stored as a liquid and is used for heating the home and the water sources for the house. Here are four interesting facts about propane. 

1. Propane Weighs Half As Much As Water

Propane is one of the lightest hydrocarbons to exist. When propane is in liquid form, as it often is when it is stored, it weighs half as much as the same volume of water would. Think about that the next time you see propane companies in Maryland carrying around tanks of propane on their trucks. 

2. Propane Is Odorless

Although propane naturally has no odor, sometimes it is associated with a rotten egg smell. This scent is added for safety purposes so that it is easier to detect a gas leak in or around the home. If you smell this odor and have reason to believe it may be coming from a source of propane, is it best to contact a professional and have them come check it out. In addition to being odorless, propane is also harmless to water and soil, making this a good fuel option if you want to be friendly to the environment. 

3. Propane Is Efficient

Propane is very efficient, which means that it takes less energy to heat up than other sources of fuel. In fact, propane produces twice the energy of natural gas. All things considered, propane delivers great value for your money. 

4. Propane Is Versatile

In addition to using propane for your main source of heat in the house and to heat sources of water, you can use propane for fireplaces, pools, laundry dryers, and kitchen appliances. Having a good supply of propane during the winter and all year round is a good idea. 

If you use propane to heat your home, consider these four interesting facts.