The Importance of Image Consultancy in 2023

Even before you speak, your grooming style and body language make an impact on your listeners. Be it your subordinates, seniors, or acquaintances; it’s critical to forge a powerful first impression. And this is done not only by your words but also by the overall image you project.

This is where image consultants, who may be freelancers or associated with an image consultancy, come into play. Through grooming individuals across certain parameters, these entities bring out the best in people. Picture if there was a way to project your internal confidence to the outside world. Image consultancies help you achieve just that. 

The previously written grooming parameters include – behaviour, digital presence, appearance and communication. Image consultancies work on these dimensions to help individuals and companies build a strong brand, and also help them come up with a personalised impression management strategy. 

What is the Relevance of Image Consultancy in 2023? 

Here are the four critical things an image consultancy can offer sound and actionable advice on in 2023.

1. Dressing and Styling Right 

Choosing the right outfit is a substantial part of grooming. Dressing right does not mean spending an exorbitant amount of money buying designer couture. It is more about dressing as per occasions, roles and goals. It also means dressing according to your body’s type, and shape and picking patterns and colours that you feel comfortable in.

Skilled image consultants help you realise your personal style and how to drape it better. They are trained in identifying certain tools that help their clients realise choices that are authentic.

Image consultants also assist their clients with cluster shopping and styling. They advise their clientele to purchase garments in clusters, so they create a variety affordably.  

2. Understanding Etiquette and Body Language 

Carrying off clothes in style is never enough. After all, humans are not hangers. They must bring a personality to their outfit through their body language and etiquette. Consider both these parameters as part of visual communication. An image consultant can guide you on the same, whether it is for corporate meetings, events or any other formal occasion. 

It is their job to stay on top of the latest courtesies and behaviour expected out of their clients. 

3. Help with Hair Styling and Makeup

A huge part of image consulting is that it helps you create a personal brand. This is only possible when you carry a distinct look overall. From observing relevant trends through garments to extending the latest courtesies, an image consultancy covers it all.

Their drive also includes the right makeup, hair and accessory styling for their clients. Without these, an individual won’t create a personal brand, even if they are wearing couture or observing etiquette. Know that image consultancies hire consultants who are often formally trained in subjects like:

  • Personal styling
  • Make and hair styling
  • Art of accessorising
  • Spotting image stereotypes
  • Communication skills
  • Fashion trends and terminologies

And much more. 

Parting Thoughts 

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