Advantages of studying in the Best CBSE Schools in Noida


Some of the Best CBSE schools in Noida are conveniently located near the nation’s capital and provide an excellent education. As safety and security precautions for COVID 19 are implemented, online education is prepared to welcome students back.

Why is CBSE ideal?

Are you aware of the benefits of the Best CBSE schools in Noida? In today’s society, education is the most valuable asset. A good education encompasses more than simply the traditional notion of knowledge.

In today’s world, education entails an individual’s whole growth, which encompasses fundamental knowledge in nearly every subject, scientific and logical ability, language and speaking abilities, as well as the confidence to convey what one knows.

Individual development also includes healthy participation in extracurricular activities such as athletics, dancing, debate, and other such activities. As a result, decisions about a child’s education are critical since they determine the path his or her life will follow in the future.

Benefits of Attending a Good CBSE School – The Central Board of Education (CBSE) pays close attention to a child’s whole development. The curriculum is based on scientifically proven patterns that promote a child’s brain growth.

Most CBSE schools promote extracurricular activities in order to give each kid equal chances for physical and psychological growth. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of enrolling your child in a reputable CBSE school.

1. Government of India acknowledgment:

The Indian government recognizes CBSE as a national-level body of education. This means that the curriculum for different grades is organized according to the Indian government’s guidelines.

2. Studying method that is simple:

CBSE uses a scientific method in which pupils are only required to take one question paper on each topic. This relieves youngsters of unneeded test pressure and allows them to become more interested in the topic.

3. Syllabus layout:

The CBSE curriculum is meant to prepare students for a variety of admission examinations, including the IIT-JEE and the AIIMS. In addition, CBSE adheres to the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) standards in all courses. This ensures educational consistency, which is one of CBSE’s advantages over other boards.

4. Relocation assistance:

Because a vast number of schools in India are connected with CBSE, parents may simply move cities and enroll their children in a CBSE board school if their jobs require it.

5. Conduct examinations in Private

Regular (students enrolled in the board’s associated institutions) and private students are both allowed to take the test. Other boards, on the other hand, only admit ordinary students enrolled in their associated institutions.

6. Concentrates on English and Hindi:

The CBSE concentrates equally on English and Hindi, and both languages have their educational media.

The CBSE board is working toward a more international test structure and grading system. There are numerous schools connected with the CBSE board across the world that provide students the option to study abroad.

How to secure admission into the Best CBSE Schools in Noida?

Understand your child’s requirements

You must understand your child’s requirements and preferences to select a school that will help them achieve their goals. In this regard, Global Indian International School (GIIS) is without a doubt one of the best. Many Noida schools have state-of-the-art learning infrastructure, CBSE schools deliver an academically challenging curriculum. It promotes research-based learning, which appeals to a child’s natural curiosity. The institution has a stringent admissions policy. 

Fill Out the Form

To begin, go to the school’s website and fill out the Online Admission Enquiry form. You may then fill in the rest of the information and hit the submit button. Soon, the admissions representative will contact you to set up a meeting with you, either through Google Meet or on the school’s campus. Following that, you’ll be sent a link to an application form. Before submitting your application online, make sure you fill out all of the relevant fields and attach all of the required documents. If the application is offline and the school requires a hard copy make sure your documents are in order and look neat as presentation matters a lot. 

The school will schedule an interactive session

Many Noida Schools will schedule an interactive session with the child and parents based on the application form, either online or on the school site. Make sure your child as well as you are well-dressed and groomed. Any upcoming admission exams will be communicated to you by the institution. You will be given an admission offer based on the availability of seats. After that, you must pay the fees and submit the required papers within three working days to complete the admissions process.

Which are the Best CBSE schools in Noida?

Global Indian International School 

Global Indian International School is a Noida-based co-educational institution. The school is unique in that it is affiliated with the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). GIIS is one of top 20 Noida schools established in 2002. The School’s vision, also known as GIIS Noida, is to give equitable opportunity via superior education. Every year, students take the AISSE in class X and the AISSCE in class XII, with exams in March. GIIS Noida provides a world-class education with cutting-edge teaching methods and cutting-edge technology. The school accepts students in grades Nursery through XII.

Step-by-Step School

One of the earliest schools on this list is Step by Step School. The school was founded in 1992 with the goal of providing children with a high-quality education. It is routinely recognised as one of the finest schools in Noida. It was ranked as India’s number one coeducational school in 2017 by Education World, and it was ranked as the number three coeducational school in 2018. Step by Step is a CBSE-affiliated school with programmes ranging from Nursery to Class 12. Step by Step School’s objective is to place equal emphasis on academics and co-curricular activities, and the 10-acre campus is equipped with all of the essential facilities to fulfil this goal.

Shiv Nadar School

Shiv Nadar School is a CBSE-accredited coeducational school. It’s part of the Shiv Nadar Foundation’s franchise, which belongs to HCL Enterprise’s Founder and Chairman. From kindergarten through grade 12, the school accommodates roughly 1500 pupils. The Global Innovative School Award was given to Shiv Nadar School Noida in 2018. Impact, Academic Performance, Cultural Inclusion, Social Awareness, and Technology Use were among the five categories where the school was recognised for its outstanding performance. Admissions for all classes are available year-round, either on campus or on the school’s website.


CBSE provides a stimulating atmosphere, academics, and a range of socializing chances for pupils in Noida’s schools, which is good for their development. In India, education is critical for emotional, intellectual, social, and physical wellness and it also prepares students for university. After obtaining an outstanding education, students and parents are more likely to pursue further education and post-graduate programs. Children’s education lays a firm foundation for them, making it easier for them to study as they advance in their careers.


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