How can you increase the speed of your computer?

Do you suffer from a slow computer or laptop? Before you go ahead and discard your present computer and get a new one; there are many things that you can try out.  The point is, you can always ensure that the working of your current computer is good and effective. You can be sure that you boost the speed of your system with the right tools and software. After all, if you are taking care of your computer, you would definitely get rid of slow speed.

Use a PC booster tool or software 

The foremost thing that you can do is you can install the best pc booster software and ensure that your system runs faster. You have no idea how different boosters work differently for your system. They would not just clean up your system but also ensure that your computer does not has any type of issues that slow down your computer. Of course, the booster would enhance the speed of your computer and ensure that you do not face any sluggishness. The point is a good type of booster would be compatible and effective for your system. You can be confident that your system works flawlessly. Of course, you can look into the different options before you finalize any specific booster for your system. Also read>How To Maintain 100% IPhone Battery Health.

Do the RAM upgrades 

In case you want a little more multitasking or different performance but don’t really look forward to spend money for an SSD, then a reasonable option would be to start looking at RAM upgrades. Yes, in case you are simply running on a system with under two GB of RAM, then getting an extra few gigabyte in your computer or laptop won’t cost you much and can make a great difference. The point is, once you have a better number of GB in your system, you can be sure that your computer runs faster and without hurdles. If you don’t agree then try it out for yourself. Without spending through your nose, you would experience the best results.

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Move to a Solid-State Drive (SSD)

Now, one of the finest ways that you can rejuvenate any laptop or PC is to install any solid-state drive. SSDs is going to work on everything from old Lenovo ThinkPad laptops to that of filthy old Dell PCs, and the outcomes are always valuable. Boot times are going to be quicker, read/write actions speed up massively, and even the thriftiest processors feel alive with a proper SSD working alongside them. The point is it is going to be a new heart to your system that would pump speed in your system. Many people who are using laptops and computers that are not too speedy or efficient generally go for the option of SSD.

Furthermore, since there are no moving areas in SSDs, the read/write speeds are quite superior to older or ancient optical (spinning disk) hard-disk drives (HDDs.) once you purchase one, it is not going to break the bank, but you might need to compromise a little on storage zone, as SSDs still price more per GB than that of any sort of mechanical hard disks. The choice is going to be yours. Remember, how many pennies you spend on it, you are going to get the results. After all, spending money for once is better than experiencing sluggishness and frustration every day of your routine.

Get a Third-Party PC Cleaner  for your system 

At times , even the fastest and most efficient hardware gets caught up. There is no sense in spending out big money for a pricey SSD or even that of RAM upgrades if your Windows installation possesses tens or hundreds of programs and applications that you actually never use.

Now, even before you reach for the credit card, the foremost thing a person with asick PC should do is make sure that the laptop or computer is not clogged up with needless data. Over time, different “scraps” of code buildupsuch as  digital cobwebs, making your machine  slow down and making it work tougher. Your PC is even packed with personal data that is used for tracking and marketing, not to say deceitful purposes like that of identity theft.

Disable Startup Programs

Now this is something that most of you do not even think about. It is time that you should disable startup programs, which are services  and applications that boot every time you turn on your computer. Some of the programs always run in the background until you require them. Mostly , such programs or applications can be disabled and just launched when you want. This is a particular type of optimization technique that speeds up PC performance by lessening the RAM usage and the number of simultaneous tasks running. Once you do it, you are going to experience a significant change in your computer for sure. Make sure that you restart your computer once you make any changes. After all, it is about getting the computer restarted for letting the system absorb the changes properly.

Try Running  Windows ReadyBoost

Now,  in case you are using Windows Vista or even later, you can speed up your laptop with a type of built-in function known as ReadyBoost. It is something that uses an external flash drive to give your computer a little additional memory. This service is usually not treatable because most new PCs have hardware and performance perks that exceed the software’s usefulness. Remember that this option of ready boost is something of a last destination. But Upgrading your RAM or even making use of an SSD is going to make more of a difference.


So, when do you plan to use the best pc speed booster for your computer? Come on, you can save a lot of your time and effort when you have the right type of tool working your system. What is the point if you are always getting tired and unnecessary angry because of the speed issues of your laptop? Come on, get a system for once and get rid of this constant irritation.

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