N99 masks: A Safe Fashion Accessory

Covid-19 has gotten us to think about masks more seriously. However, it is not the only reason we should be wearing one. 

An N99 anti-pollution mask is a perfect fit for the situation we are in. It protects us from harmful pollutants in the air effectively. 

What is an N99 mask?

An N99 mask is just like any other normal mask. However, the key difference lies in how it has been made. Consisting of 4 layers of filters the mask is extremely secure. One of the filter layers consists of a 2.5 pm activated carbon filter. The main job of the mask is to protect you from pollutants that come from automobiles, industrial sites, dust, and microorganisms. 

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For how long can I use these masks?

N99 masks are generally safe to use multiple times. However, during prolonged use, the maximum limit is 8 hours of usage. After this, you would need to take the mask off and sterilize it before you use it again. 

The different types of N99 masks

N99 masks are not just of one type. They come in different shapes and sizes with variable designs. The most popular one is a normal N99 mask that has 4 filters. Beyond this, there are N99 masks that have 6 filters and have active carbon filters. The third type of N99 air pollution mask you can purchase has an activated carbon cloth filter in between them. Finally, there are N99 masks that have a double exhalation valve. You can choose from a wide range of mask types according to your usage.  

Conditions and suitability of masks

If you live in an urban area, we recommend you go for a mask that has an active carbon filter. It helps you to filter out a majority of the pollutants that may be present in the air. Alternatively, you can use an N99 mask which just has 4 filters, in a suburban or rural area. The AQI here is better and there is no need for specific carbon filtration. 

N99 Mask and the style statement

Masks have drastically changed over time. From the first lockdown period to now, masks have started acting more like a fashion accessory. To suit your needs, online stores offer you some of the best N99 anti-pollution masks that are designed. You can get a popular marvel designed mask as well. 

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The covid-19 pandemic has led us to focus on the importance of having masks on. Air pollution masks are widely available in a large number of online retail stores. However, we urge you to buy them from a store that specializes in making these. Specialized mask stores keep in mind the ergonomics of mask making and make masks comfortable to wear. This means that the stress on the back of your ear is less. It also offers better protection and credibility. Go online and get your mask today!

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