What Are The Risks Of Having An Elevated Cholesterol Level?

Elevated cholesterol levels are found to be dangerous for human health in multiple ways. This can lead to severe disease. When the waxy buildup of cholesterol gets mixed with substances in the blood, it develops into plaque.

Plaque starts to line your blood vessels which may lead to restricting bold flow. Similarly, multiple other risks are linked to heightened cholesterol. Here are some critical risks pointed out by FCP medical experts that you can face due to high cholesterol.

Heart Disease

Heart diseases are known to be the most common cause of death around the globe. Any trouble with the functioning of the heart can lead to life-threatening conditions. Medical specialists have found that there is a strong relationship between high cholesterol and multiple heart diseases.

According to studies, it has been revealed that diseases caused by high cholesterol mainly disturb blood circulation and heart functioning. Coronary artery disease is one of the direst risks triggered by high cholesterol. This disease is known as the major reason for the death of adults in the UK.

In case if plaque builds in any artery that supplies blood to the heart, you may have a heart attack. If this blockage is partial, you can face chest pain that is also known as angina. Blood clotting is also a risk due to high cholesterol levels. To avoid such risks, medical consultation UK can help.


Atherosclerosis is also a severe and life-threatening problem that high cholesterol can cause to you. Atherosclerosis is a condition in which your arteries get inflexible and stiff because of getting filled with plaque. Hardening of arteries can lead you to face issues such as pain, stroke, and heart attack. Atherosclerosis may affect arteries in any part of your body. Inadequate flow of blood and angina are symptoms of atherosclerosis.

High Blood Pressure

In case if due to high cholesterol, you got atherosclerosis, you may also face the risk of high blood pressure. In atherosclerosis, when arteries got stiffed, the heart has to work harder to push blood. This increases your blood pressure. Specifically, if you are a smoker, you are more vulnerable to high blood pressure due to high cholesterol.

High blood pressure is also associated with heart disease. So, getting indulged in any of them can make you vulnerable to multiple other diseases. Getting medical consultation UK in the case of high cholesterol can help you control the risk of high blood pressure.


Stroke is another critical potential outcome of high cholesterol. This occurs when the supply of blood to any part of your brain is disturbed and restricts brain tissues from getting nutrients and oxygen. And this causes the death of brain cells with immediate effect.

Having high cholesterol increases your chances of becoming vulnerable to this dreadful disease. It can cause consequent trouble in talking, weakness in the arm or leg. And in case of severity of signs, it can last for a long time or could be permanent.

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Peripheral artery disease is among the major risks that you may face due to high cholesterol. It happens when cholesterol builds up in blood vessels apart from the heart. Legs are the most affected part of the body in that case. It mainly affects blood circulation in these areas and can end up with pain while walking.

Poor blood flow increases the risks of infections as well as do not let event simple scrapes and cuts heal effectively. According to experts, in some cases, PAD may lead to gangrene and can limb amputation if it is not treated well. Arteries in the arms and abdomen are also vulnerable to peripheral artery disease.


Obesity is also linked with high cholesterol and is known as a critical disease. Obesity is a disease that refers to being extremely overweight. People with overweight are likely to have high cholesterol along with heart diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. In such a case, hitting a GP is essential for controlling the risks linked with high-fat levels, including obesity.

Along with these risks of high cholesterol, multiple others are too there to hurt your health. Diabetes, heart attack, and blood clotting are a few examples. If you have high cholesterol issue, you should be consulting with physicians from reputable firms like FCP medical. It will help you get it under control and avoid any potential risks of other diseases that are linked to it.