Top Data Science free courses to pursue after 12th

In every industry, you need credentials to boost your chances. Certificates from a variety of top courses have always been helpful for people to highlight their skills. As a Data Scientist, choosing the correct course for enhancing your skills is an important part of the journey. You can find a lot of courses online, but only the best ones will help you build the skills you need. 

If you’re aspiring to be a data scientist and looking for a free data science course online, then understanding the best aspects of the course is crucial. This would help you primarily target the exact skills you want to polish. In addition, you would also learn about the other top benefits of learning from these specific courses. 

Top free courses to become a Data Scientist

So here is the list of some best free data science courses online to excel in your data science skills as freshers:

  1. Simplilearn Excel Dashboarding in Business Analytics

Simplilearn’s excel business analytics free course is one of the top accessible business analytics and excel courses you’ll find online. This course will guide you on effectively building customized business analytics techniques through data visualization. 

This course covers:

  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Excel Dashboard Basics
  • Functions in Excel
  • Creating & utilizing charts and graphs for compelling storytelling

This course is ideal for students who have recently developed an interest in data science, teaching them the basics. As this course is beginner friendly, it helps you build a strong foundation in understanding the field better. More than 2000 learners have rated this course as the most helpful and given it an average of 4.6-star rating. 

  1. Coursera IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

If you’re looking for a course to foster basic Python & SQL skills, data analysis, machine learning algorithms, and many other related skills, this course is the one for you. With no prior expertise in programming languages, Coursera’s IBM data science course is designed for fundamental basics to provide individuals with job-ready tools. 

This course covers:

  • Introduction to data scientist’s jobs, roles, and responsibilities, as well as the approach to being one
  • Developing skills, tools, and languages used by data scientists
  • Analyzing and visualizing data using Python
  • Application of the skills and techniques you learned in a real-world scenario 

Freshers applying for this role must also know that this course is free, but individuals must pay for the professional certificate. 

  1. Great Learning’s Statistical methods for decision making

This course will help boost your decision-making skills and knowledge of statistical procedures. With this self-paced course, beginners can get the great benefits of fixing concepts in their minds with loads of examples. It also teaches you ANOVA techniques for free.

This course covers:

  • Chi-Square test
  • Type I and Type II Errors and causes as to why the actions are not performed correctly and methods to bring them back to flow.
  • Types of hypothesis tests, along with several examples 
  • Quiz and assessments to evaluate your knowledge

This is one of the great choices for free data science courses with a certificate after completion, so any data science aspirant should consider this course.

  1. Udacity intro to Data Science

Udacity’s Data Science classes will teach you exactly what an individual needs to become a Data Scientist. In approximately two months, individuals can complete this course with a brief understanding of all the basics with a focus on making the foundation clear. 

This course covers:

  • Basics of Statistics and Data Analysis with Machine Intelligence
  • Foundation of Data communications and Information Visualization
  • How to work with big data efficiently

This course clears the concept of what data science is and the role one would be playing being a data scientist.

  1. Alison Introduction to Business Intelligence

This CDP-accredited course by Alison gives you an introduction to many concepts and makes you ready to take better data-driven decisions. This course would cover many terms for beginners before enrolling in a university.

This course covers:

  • Introduction and basics of Business Intelligence
  • Fundamentals of data science and statistics, SOL 
  • Database Management Essentials 
  • Basics of Python and other related terms
  1. Udemy SQL For Data Analysis: solving real-world problems with Data

Udemy’s course on SQL is a very easy-to-understand SQL course for people without any prior experience. It also covers other topics like data analysis, business intelligence, and data science and is a guide to newcomers.

This course covers:

  • All aspects of SQL, giving learners an in-depth knowledge of the term
  • How to handle data, to begin with, and create a solid foundation in the field
  • Giving students a real-life understanding of how data analysis works

This course is a shortened version and is still under construction for more content. Enrolling early would give you an entry for free, and you would get the updates as soon as they’re added.

  1. Skillshare Coding 101: Python for beginners 

This beginner-friendly version teaches you the fundamentals of Python without bombarding learners with loads to understand. It trains you enough to start coding so you can slowly build this skill as you go. 

This course covers:

  • Concepts of data types, variables, and expressions
  • Functions and objects
  • How to create six nifty tools

With all six nifty tools completed and over 70 problems to solve, you’ll undoubtedly polish your Python skills well with this course. 

  1. EdX C++ Programming: basic skills

 Anyone interested in kickstarting a career with C++ programming should definitely try this course. With zero experience, this program would help you to build a foundation in C++ and other computer science languages.

This course covers:

  • Everything about C++ programming
  • How to use variables and operators to manipulate data
  • Examples to understand better
  • Instant feedback to take it along the way

With hands-on experience, no doubt you’ll be able to start coding in C++ effectively. This program allows you to code and start your career in C++ without installing any other program.

In conclusion

So, with so many free courses to learn from, no wonder you can easily give a jumpstart to your career in data science. These best free data science courses will surely help you advance your career as a beginner by giving you the exact knowledge you need to enter the field of data science and analytics. 

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