What are some worthwhile ideas for lip gloss packaging for wholesale?

Lip gloss is a daily-use cosmetic item. These are used primarily for adding a luster or glossy look to lips. However, some use it as a replacement for chapstick. But the purposes of both are different.  Lip gloss only helps in hiding the dryness and gives a glossy glow. There are many sorts of lip gloss available in the markets. These versatile lip glosses are different in form and use, such as Sheer Lip Gloss, Pigmented Lip Gloss, Shimmer Lip Gloss, Glitter Lip Gloss, and Matte Lip Gloss. All these lip gloss have distinguishing characteristics.

The packaging of varieties is also different according to type. The lip glosses are made at the commercial level due to the tremendous demand for such goods. For commercial-level production, the producers require lip gloss packaging at wholesale. The wholesale packaging will enable producers to showcase their products commercially and sell them at a favorable price.

Ideas for lip gloss packaging for wholesale:

To mark the product as unique, one looks for novel packaging. Innovative packaging will make the product look prominent compared to others. Different style packaging can boost the sale of lip gloss. Lip gloss is a small product with dull packaging; it won’t interest or draw in customers. 

Customers might opt for a new product if the packaging is unique. Because in the case of lip gloss, everyone prefers the use of the same brand in which they are comfortable. Therefore, to bring in new customers, attract them with unconventional packaging. You can create innovative packaging in numerous ways. Some ideas to attract customers with lip gloss packaging at wholesale are as follow:

Different Color packagings according to shade:

You can make all your boxes of different colors according to the shade of lip gloss. All the packagings will have the same style but varying colors. For example, for red shade lip gloss, the packaging would be red. For this, you need keen eyes as playing with color could make the product excessive.

Hence you can make the front of different colors or the base of the packaging of the shade color. It would be a unique idea, and customers can directly look for the color they want in the first look. It would be more efficient and helpful for them, and it will also leave a favorable impression on customers.

Unique shaped packagings to standout:

The shapes of the packagings for lip gloss could be made different. Instead of opting for the usual rectangular box, go for some other style or shape. Such as lid boxes with window cuts or packagings with an attractive structure. We could also make slightly bigger boxes with unique shapes and pictures on the side.

Glitter lip gloss packaging:

Shimmering and shiny things are intrinsically attractive. If you make a glistening package, these will interest a lot of people. For this, we can use metalized covering. These are golden or silver colors and, in design, look engaging.  Additionally, we can coat one side with this material and make three sides monochromatic. The one glistening side of lip gloss packaging for wholesale will further stand out product.

Occasional packaging for celebrations:

Sometimes we can make the packaging according to the occasion. It is more profitable when going commercial on a specific celebration. Suppose for Christmas or Easter people are looking for goods and gifts. Then for the particular occasion, people will opt for the product that describes that event. For example, we can make red or white products on Christmas. Otherwise, we can add pictures related to the celebration.

Gift packaging with ribbons:

The packaging of the boxes can be manufactured to look like a gift. When people want to gift, they look for products which they won’t have to pack further. Adding gift wrappers and the cover on a gift is an extra hassle for most.

If the product is already in gift packaging, it will save time and extra hassle for them. Therefore, to make your product more valuable for busy people, gift packaging is an innovative idea. For this, we can use delicate ribbons that open and close the box. The occupied people will buy the gift lip gloss packaging at wholesale because it will be convenient.

Packaging that helps the environment:

To help stop the impact of harmful items on the environment, go for eco-friendly packages. For this, one can use Kraft material that is safe and non-toxic. Besides, these are strong and do not get damaged with vigorous movements. Additionally, these are recyclable, which means you can reuse the boxes for other purposes. Consequently, if left in the environment, these will naturally be degradable.


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