10 Best Himalayan Treks in December

In December Top 10 Treks in the Himalayas Hiking is the most interesting and adventurous aspect of the life of the tourist, and winter time is the greatest season. Trekking gives us an opportunity to discover and explore a certain location. In December it is quite difficult to choose out the top 10, but there are several intriguing treks. Nevertheless, in December we have produced a list of 10 finest Himalayan walks. Check it out!

Nag Tibba Trek:-

It is reported that Nag Tibba Trek is one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas. On Nag Tibba Trek, you will be delighted by the lush woods, wetlands, peacefulness and splendid roads of your mountains. You will soon be fascinated by the lush foliage in the highlands and unique flora and animals.

The Gangardi Glass, Kedarnath Glass and Bandarpunch Glass will give you a photo-view.

Beas Kund Trek:-

Your adventurous beas Kund Trek in Himachal Pradesh will be over in no time. The manicured meadows express their full green splendour, while the distant summits entice hikers with their allure.

As you travel farther and approach the Beas River, which is surrounded by enormous vegetation, you can sense the land of wonders even more. The river’s crystal pure water provides tourists with an unforgettable experience. Mountains such as Shitidhar Peak, Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba, and Ladakhi Peaks may be seen from the summit.

Zanskar Lake Trek:-

Trekkers from India and outside flock to the Frozen River, which reaches a height of 11,078 feet. Even if you’re attempting to stay alive in a sub-zero environment, Naek will charm you. You’ll be walking across the icy mountain ranges, as if you’re in the North Pole, which is still inhabited. Trekkers are required to carry their tent, personal items, food, and drinking water. You may encounter troubles at any time, therefore you must seek refuge in a cave. It is a fifteen-day journey that leads to human survival in the natural world.

Goechala Trek:-

For many hikers, Goechala Trek is one of the most popular and often visited trekking zones. You will reach the quiet lake after continuing on the mountain routes; Samiti will offer you with a panoramic view of Pandim peak from there, as well as captivate you with the enchanting Thangshing along the way.

The Samiti Lake, on the other hand, bursts forth in all its grandeur as the sky above and the Pandim peak throw their reflections on the lake’s pristine waters.

Though you will be unable to cross the Goechala Pass, you can enjoy the naturalistic beauty of the scene from Dzongri and ViewPoint 1. The magnificent sunrise over the horizons above Kanchenjunga Peak casts a bright, golden hue over the top of the Kanchenjunga ranges; though you will be barred from crossing the Goechala Pass, you can enjoy the naturalistic beauty of the scene from Dzongri and ViewPoint 1.

Hampta Pass Trek:- 

For hikers walking at Hampta Pass, the beautiful green meadows and deep thick forests are a wonderful marvel. The gushing and bubbling waters of waterfalls and flowing streams are only a few of the delights that the picturesque splendour of Hampta Pass has to offer to its tourists. Chandratal Lake’s crystal pure waters will take your breath away in no time.

Valley of Flowers Trek:- 

The Valley of Flowers is situated in Uttarakhand, between the snow-capped Gauri Parvat mountains and the Tipra Glacier. Though it is well-known as one of Uttarakhand’s greatest hikes. You’ll start your walk at Govindghat, finish in Hemkund, and then return to Govindghat.

The mountain paths are rendered impassable. You must visit between July and August if you want to be filled with joy by the vivid colours and lovely scent of the flowering flowers. The rarest Brahma kamal blooms may be seen.

Har Ki Dun Trek :- 

The snow-capped mountain ranges will lead you on a trip across Har ki Dun’s icy terrains, releasing your spirit of adventure. The Har ki Dun trek is one of the greatest treks to do in Uttarakhand and is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations for trekking. The trekker will have a fantastic trekking experience across the icy mountain roads on the Har Ki Dun trek.

Many people go to the walk because it provides a panoramic view of nature, presenting its beauties and charms to trekkers. And the presence of a diverse range of unique flora and animals at Har ki Dun Trek will take you on a thrilling journey through the forest. The rarest shrine dedicated to Duryodhana may be seen on the Har khi Dun Trek.

Kedarkantha Trek:-

Every trail you travel in the Himalayas is inscribed with legendary spiritual elements blended with nature’s heavenly echo. Kedarkantha Trek is your destination if you want to recall the tranquilly and blissfulness of your trekking adventure for all eternity. Once you enter the holy trekking zone of Kedarkantha Trek, the lovely weather and purity of nature’s atmosphere will bewitch your senses.

As you view the green pine and oak trees clad in white snow, the green deep woods of Kedarkantha Trek will be much more magnificent. The sanctity of Kedarkantha Trek is enhanced by the picturesque splendour of the streams and the glory of the evening sun behind the mountains. The walk to Kedarkantha is regarded to be a moderate one.

Brahmatal Trek:- 

As soon as you approach Brahmatal Trip, you will be fascinated by its beauty, as this trek is packed with meadows, peaceful villages, two important lakes in the vicinity, and silent villages, but the main attraction of Brahmatal Trek is the sunsets. The Brahmatal Trek provides a panoramic view of Mount Trishul, Mount Nanda Ghunti, and a distant Roopkund Trek. From Brahmatal Trip, you may embark on a trek to Jatropani Peak, visit us:- Delta Airlines customer care phone number


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