10 Superfoods to Boost Your Boxing Game

Superfoods, sound so interesting and incredibly delicious.  So, have you pictured that salmon fillet yet? Yes? Ok cool.

It’s important to know what superfoods are and how they affect us. Food is our source of nutrition that feeds our bodies and enables us to function. Good quality boxing gloves for a fight are essential but not as much as your diet. One should always know what foods to take for boosted performance. 

Some foods are more nutritious than others, and to maximize our training performance, we should carefully monitor our food intake. Pro athletes and MMA fighters know the importance of eating right. Whatever goes into our bodies affects performance on the cage, mats, or the ring, be it in the training or competition. 

To become great martial artists, we need to be careful and keep our nutrition in check. In the end, it won’t matter that how good we train or if we have won the genetic lottery. Important is – what we eat to nourish our body. 

Today Infinitude Fight will elaborate 10 superfoods to boost your performance. 


Why do you think minions were obsessed with bananas? 

Not only minions but also pro athletes prefer the nutrition and handiness of a banana.  It is common to see martial artists or athletes carrying a banana in their training/gym bags. Bananas are an easy energy source and are delicious too. 

The bananas are potassium-rich and pack a healthy amount of carbohydrates—one of the most nutritious and easiest energy boosters to have as a snack. Bananas are also easily digestible. 


Ready for a quick energy boost – How about a handful of nuts? 

Nuts are full of nutrition and essential proteins.  The amazing fiber content of nuts is a perfect way to boost the energy you need for your next training session and keep it stable.  

Salted and roasted nuts, such as pistachios, are great for restocking energy after a workout. Nuts are incredible energy boosters because of the magnesium, sodium, and potassium present in them. You can get back all the electrolytes that you lost during training with a handful of nuts. 


Not a superfood or even a portion of food, still water is the best way to power your energy for training and keep that heightened energy throughout the day. Begin your days with a minimum of 32 ounces of cold water. Hydration of the body prevents fatigue and gives you that energy boost that you need to train. 


Dates are an incredibly delicious superfood. Eating dates before and after your training session is beneficial for any martial artist, especially for boosted performance. Packed with natural sugars, such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose, dates are a perfect superfood that can be used to snack on for a quick energy boost. 

Don’t worry about the sugar crash, and the dates have just enough fiber content to keep your energy up and running. You can also make protein shakes with dates, a glass full of energy. 


Avocados are exotic superfruits; they have high concentrations of vitamin B, magnesium, vitamins E, K, and beta-carotene. These nutrients will not only keep you in perfect shape but also provide energy and will make your bones stronger. Research shows that avocados contain more potassium than bananas, which helps to lower blood pressure.  

Chia Seeds

Every single spoon of Chia seed contains Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and approximately 5 grams of fiber. These help in maintaining blood sugar and keep muscles relaxed. Chia seeds also contain quercetin, an antioxidant known to help athletic performance and recovery. Studies of the ancient world show that Aztec and Mayans used chia seeds to boost performance and stamina. 

Sweet Potato

Care for a sweet potato? 

The fiber present in sweet potatoes increases your energy and keeps you full for a longer time, directly helping weight loss. Sweet potatoes are complex carbohydrates that gradually give energy to your system, giving you a steady supply of energy. Sweet potatoes are filled with beta-carotene, vitamin C, magnesium, and iron, all nutrients that an athlete requires to perform best in training. Also, they taste delicious. 


Oatmeal is as healthy as food can ever get. No wonder it is one of the most nutritious superfoods. Experts argue that eating a bowl of oatmeal first thing in the morning will help you refuel and give you the energy you need to begin your day. Oats have carbohydrates stored in the body as glycogen, which provide energy for the brain and muscles. 


Eggs are a great energy source, whether you like them poached, fried, boiled, or scrambled. Rich in iron, zinc and loaded with protein, eggs are a perfect food to boost your energy and retain it. One egg contains at least 6 grams of protein, which helps muscle growth and provides energy. If you are training often, eggs are perfect for consumption due to the amino acid leucine that supports muscle recovery and growth. 

Green Tea

Green tea has the amino acid theanine, known to help with attention and alertness. You will receive the same caffeine boost that coffee gives you, but without the acidity and the bitter taste of coffee. Works for people who do not prefer coffee. 

To Sum Up

If you feel lethargic and drained before or after training, boost your energy performance with the superfoods we have listed above. All of these foods are readily available and are easy to consume. An athlete should never forget that anything you eat will have a direct effect on your training performance. 

Enjoy these fantastic superfoods and begin your journey to become a pro martial artist.


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