4 things you should know before hiring a professional air duct cleaning

Everyone desires to breathe in clean and safe air, which requires proper air duct cleaning. Do you not want your family to live in a healthy and fresh air?  Air duct cleaning service providers come to rescue when it is about cleaning the health injurious particles and gases accumulated in the air ducts of your house. Find out the qualities of best air duct cleaning service provider that will help you get rid of all the unwanted dirt and dust, infectious and disease causing microorganisms, unpleasant smell producing Molds and gases, rodents and worms. Pick people who are professional in their job, are credible, have been in the market for a long time and have managed to secure a reputable place among people. Air duct cleaning companies using safe cleaning agents and techniques are winners.

Those who damage your furnishings and furniture during the job are not trust worthy. Those who are not ambiguous about their prices, and don’t charge you more than what was decided prior the cleaning

Air duct cleaning is one of the most imperative maintenance services, as it is through these ducts, that the air you and your family breathe, pass through. Dusty, moldy and infected air duct would have adverse impacts on your and your family’s health.  

Air ducts do not only have dirt particles accumulated in them but are also home to many microorganisms that can prove to be harmful to your health. The allergens in air ducts are the main reason to cause respiratory diseases like lungs cancer in human beings. Professional air duct cleaning involves use of safe disinfectants to inhibit microbial growth. 

Dirty air ducts are the real perpetrators of foul smell in the house. Mold, dust, and dirt cumulating over the years produce an unpleasant.

Dirt accumulated air ducts are less effective, as the dirt resists flow of air. This puts more pressure on your cooling/heating appliance, thus causing more energy consumption. On the other hand, cleaned air ducts guarantee efficient flow of warm/ cold air, ultimately, help you save money by cutting down your expenses on energy.

Here is what you should know before hiring professional air duct cleaning.


Always hire a well-reputed company that has been working for people you know and who are contented with the quality of services they provide. Good companies are licensed, will provide plenty of references, their clients share positive reviews about their work online. Visiting a company’s office helps in getting to know more about it.  Ask them for how many years have they been many things can be judged about a company by the length of time it has been in business, including how experienced and reputable it is.


What cleaning agents are used is a question central to what we are discussing here. You should know if the chemicals being used are safe or not. Use of biocides has been proved to have negative implications on human. Extreme exposure to other bio chemicals is carcinogenic and are a reason of causing thyroid cancer.  

Most of the cleaning chemicals used our harmful to the environment; it is pivotal for you to know if the chemicals are environment friendly, and pose no threat to the mother planet and its inhabitants. 

Some of them may also propose to use ozone to kill biological contaminants. Ozone is highly toxic for human health health and is known to have caused respiratory diseases.


Make sure you hire people that don’t create a mess in your house whilst cleaning those hazardous piles of dirt in your air ducts.  Talk to the cleaning company about the preventive measures they take to hinder dust particles and debris from landing on your carpet or furniture.


It is necessary that cleaning charges are decided before cleaning. Professional cleaning companies give an air duct cleaning estimate, upon inspection of your house a quoted price and then don’t end up increasing their charges during the job. They stick to what was promised initially.

Make sure the service provider will provide a written agreement mentioning the total cost of the cleaning before work begins.

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