4 Things You Will Learn from a Steel Structure Design Online Course

The online course offered by the American Institute of Steel Construction gives you a chance to learn about steel structure design and get a certification after passing the end-of-course exam. Even if you are not planning on becoming an engineer, the information you gain from this course will be useful to anyone looking to work with steel structures or perform structural analysis in any field. Here are 4 things you will learn from taking this online course.

The History of Steel Structures

Steel Structures have a long and interesting history. One of the first recorded uses of steel for construction was in the year 1856 by architects James Bogardus and John Edson, who used steel beams to support concrete walls. Steel Structures today are more commonly seen as part of urban renewal projects. There are many advantages that steel structures have over other building materials, such as concrete or brick. Steel is easier to transport than other materials because it is lighter and much easier to cut into pieces. Steel also has lower maintenance costs than other materials because it requires less surface preparation before painting or coating with sealants.

The Basics of Steel Structure Design

Steel structures are used to support many different types of buildings. They provide the backbone for these buildings, and their design is critical in determining how the building will function. Steel structures can be designed for many purposes, and a steel structure course will teach you the basics of steel structure design so that you can have an understanding of what goes into designing them. In Mumbai, there are many steel structures courses available if you are looking to take one.

The different Types of Steel Structures

Steel structures are extremely versatile, and they can be used to create buildings of all shapes and sizes. Steel Structures Courses In Pune will teach you everything you need to know about these amazing structures. Different types of steel structures, such as tension-only or tensile-torsion designs, can be used for specific needs. The Steel Structures Courses In Mumbai focuses on the basic learning of the subject and covers different material types, including carbon steel, aluminium, glass fibre reinforced concrete and more.

The Advantages of the Steel Structure Course

Steel structures are one of the strongest, most versatile, cost-effective ways to build. It is possible to design buildings that can withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Steel structures are often used in the construction of bridges. 

  • Steel structure courses teach you how steel has revolutionised construction today. 
  • The course will teach you about the different types of steel structures, how they are built and how they work.
  • These courses will provide a thorough understanding of how each component works together with others so that your designs are structurally sound and efficient with material usage. 
  • Students may learn about new building technologies and sustainable development practices as well as about issues such as health and safety regulations, environmental issues, and energy efficiency measures.


If you’re interested in exploring steel structures and have some time to sharpen your skills, we highly recommend signing up for an online course. It will allow you to learn more about the steel structure design process and give you an opportunity to develop your skills.

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