5 Affordable and Beautiful Blankets to Get for Your Home

Blankets are a necessity in today’s world. When we think of them, we think of warmth, comfort, and beauty. There are many different kinds of these items that you can get online-winter blankets, summer blankets, and so on. You can also choose between different materials based on your preferences, like woolen blankets and Cotton Blankets when looking for a blanket online. But that can serve more than just one purpose. 

A beautiful quilt can make your bed look stunning at any given time. It can give your room a beautiful new appeal and can impress your guests upon their visits as well.

At Woodenstreet, you can find some of the most beautiful, warm blankets that you can use in your home. You can get them in different sizes based on your requirements. All the pieces are made with high-quality materials and they are some of the best in the market. Here are some of the best ones from Woodenstreet:

1. Multicolour Organic Cotton Digital Floral Printed King Bed Quilt: This is an extremely soft and cozy ac blanket online. This can be used as an ac blanket double bed. It is known for its amazing Jaipuria designs and bright colors. The bright and bold colors come with stunning patterns. It is also easy to clean and maintain, and it is completely free of harmful chemicals. Overall, this is one of the best cotton blankets online that you can get which can be used for all seasons.

2. Blue and White Basic Series Polyester Single Dohar Blanket: If you want something simple but impressive then this is the piece for you. If you want to buy a blanket online that has a contemporary look with subtle colors.

The beautiful light blue color makes it one of the most unique pieces here. Another factor here is that there are some white lines written on top of the piece, which sets it apart from the rest. No other piece at Woodenstreet is as beautiful and serene as this one. It is truly one of a kind, and can help to create a peaceful ambiance in your home.

3. Multicolour Organic Cotton Digital Floral Printed King Bed Quilt: if you are looking for soft blankets then this is one that you cannot miss out on. Made with high-quality cotton, the blanket double bed price is also quite low for this piece.

As one of the most popular items from our online blankets sale, this product is known for its simple, subtle shades on a stark white background. The beautiful florals make this product what it is, and it is a perfect fit for homes that have a classic or contemporary décor.

4. Multicolour Organic Cotton Digital Floral Printed Single Bed Quilt: Even though there are many woolen blankets online, nothing is better for the summer seasons than cotton blankets. They are warm, but not too much and extremely comfortable as well. 

This is one of the most vibrant pieces from Woodenstreet. It is a multicolor print with large checks all over the piece. The blanket single bed price is also quite low, which makes this one of the most beloved pieces at Woodenstreet. If you want a summer as well as winter blanket online, which is very beautiful and comfortable at the same time, then this is the right piece for you.

 5. Neon Green and Navy Blue Basics Series Polyester Single Dohar Blanket: The stunning neon color is what gives this piece its individual look. It is beautiful, stylish, and perfectly suited for homes that have a modern décor. It is made of 100% pure cotton and the material is completely free of chemicals. It is very comfortable and easy to wash and maintain as well, which is why it is so popular amongst the customers.


Woodenstreet is known for its amazing products along with its fast delivery and amazing prices. So, if you want Quilts and Comforters for your home, no matter what type, Woodenstreet is the place to go.

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