5 Best SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies in 2022

One of the biggest challenges for most businesses when going online is to improve the web traffic which is a major factor deciding your website ranking on Google’s search engines. 

This is exactly where SEO comes into the picture, which helps in providing many advantages to a business by increasing its organic traffic through audience engagement, brand awareness and trust-building leading to better SERP rankings.

Hence, SEO is considered the most significant ingredient for any digital marketing strategy and campaign without which you cannot determine the growth of any online business.

Pertaining to its high significance, SEO technologies are rapidly gaining momentum. But, with the magnitude of SEO tools available in the market,  the problem here is to choose the right SEO tools for Digital Marketing Agencies that would give them the best results.

So, before you zero down on your desired SEO tool, make sure it is efficient enough to perform some major tasks like:

  • Keyword research
  • Backlinks generation
  • Website Position Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Technical SEO Audit

Any SEO tool that can handle these tasks properly, should be taken into consideration. You can even choose a combination of  SEO tools for Digital Marketing Agencies for better results.

Through this article, we will try to throw light on some of the finest SEO tools for Agencies that would help you to achieve a higher ranking in search engines. 

Let’s have a look at the most effective and 5 Best SEO tools for Digital Marketing Agencies in 2022 that can be worth investing in and can completely transform your SEO strategy to accelerate your ROI to become a game-changer for your business.

Top 5 SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

1. Ahrefs

2. Semrush

3. HubSpot

4. Yoast

5. Serpstat


  • Ahrefs ( Best SEO Tool for Backlink Analysis)

Ahrefs is the most popular and considered the best SEO Tool. It is best known for Site Explorer, a backlink checker and organic research tool that provides an in-depth analysis of any website or URL’s organic search traffic and backlink profile.

According to Digital marketing professionals, there is no SEO tool better than  Ahrefs for backlink analysis. 

Ahrefs has the world’s largest active backlink database with 16 trillion links, with its crawler processing up to 5 billion web pages every day. It has a huge index size and precision results offering to make it the most liked backlink analysis SEO software for agencies. 

It also boasts an easy-to-use interface, which adds to its reputation as one of the best SEO tools for Digital Marketing.

Ahrefs Site Explorer allows you to examine which websites connect to your clients’ as well as their competitor’s websites. It also helps to assess the quality of their backlink profiles. 

With Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker, you can track your clients’ search rankings over time and compare their performance to that of their competitors. 

Moreover, you can do extensive keyword research and find out which keywords are bringing in the most search engine traffic for your competitors.

Key Features

  • Keyword Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Site Explorer
  • Link Intersect
  • Rank Tracker
  • SEO Toolbar
  • Domain Comparison
  • Batch Analysis

Pricing: Starts at $99/month

  • Semrush (Best SEO Tool for keyword research)

Semrush is an excellent SEO tool for Digital Marketing Agencies looking out for keyword research.

This SEO tool for agencies has everything you need to execute successful keyword research, site auditing, backlink analysis, domain analysis, and keyword planning for Google Ads.

Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool can help you select the ideal keywords to focus on for your clients’ web pages. You can locate both long-tail keywords and head terms for your campaign. 

Moreover, the keyword research tool of Semrush supplies you with all of the relevant information on a simple-to-understand dashboard.

Another feature is Semrush’s Site Audit tool which swiftly helps to rectify all important issues.  

Key Features

  • Organic Research
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Domain Comparison by Keywords 
  • Banklink Audit Tool
  • Semrush Pie Chart & Line Graph
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • SEO Reporting
  • Domain-specific Keyword Ranking
  • Site Audit
  • Ad Builder
  • Crawl Audit Tool
  • Advertising Research

Pricing: Starts at $119.95/month

  •  HubSpot (Best Tool for Optimizing Conversion Rates)

HubSpot offers a comprehensive set of SEO and content solutions to help you establish search authority and increase conversions.

You can maximize the conversion rates for your clients, which enables you to effortlessly identify and rank for subjects that are important to you and your clients.

HubSpot’s SEO tools are integrated with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and tools like landing pages, A/B testing, conversational bots, and calls-to-action.  This integration may be quite useful when investigating prospective keywords.

Key Features

  • Integrated Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Lead Management
  • Organic Research
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Social Media
  • Chatbots
  • Live Chats

Pricing: Starts at $560/month 

  • Mangools (Affordable Keyword Research)

Mangools suite proves to be very useful SEO tools for Digital Marketing Agencies which comprises of KWFinder for keyword research, SERPChecker for SERP analysis, LinkMiner for backlink analysis, SERPWatcher for rank tracking, and SiteProfiler for website analysis.

Its KWFinder is a cloud-based keyword research tool that assists you in generating the best keyword ideas for blog articles, website content, landing pages, and PPC ad text.

However, the suite’s other SEO tools are pretty valuable and reasonably priced making Mangools one of the affordable Keyword Research SEO tools for Digital Marketing. 

Key Features

  • Pretty Affordable
  • Terrific Keyword Research
  • Effective Backlinks
  • Competitors Website Authority Analysis 
  • Improves organic CTR
  • Webpage Analytics

Pricing: Starts at $49

  • Serpstat (Budget-Friendly SEO Tool)

Serpstat helps you to perform keyword research, competitive analysis, technical site audits, backlink analysis, and other tasks at a much lower cost making it a budget-friendly SEO Tool for Digital Marketing Agencies.

Serpstat deviates from this normal pricing approach, with its base subscription costing only $69/month, making it an excellent option to SEMrush and Ahrefs for small businesses.

Key Features

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Position Tracking
  • Technical site audits
  • Search Questions
  • Related Keywords report
  • Addresses SEO related problems
  • Keyword Research

Pricing: Starts at $69/mo

Final Takeaways

SEO has become extremely important in the rapidly expanding world of digital marketing and plays an immensely crucial role in the overall growth of any business and more so for Digital Marketing Agencies. 

But to pick the best SEO tools for Agencies from the vast ocean of SEO tools is an extremely difficult task. 

We have tried to provide a list of highly effective SEO tools for Digital Marketing Agencies. You can choose any of these above-mentioned SEO tools or a combination of them according to your requirements.

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