5 ideas for renovating the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house. This is where families gather to start the day at the breakfast table. Or, after a day at work for a hot meal. Or, even better, on the weekend, to prepare delicious and elaborate dishes. In any case, it is always close to the heat of the stove that the residents of a house and their guests are.

Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the kitchen decor, always prioritizing functionality and organization, but also aesthetics, creating a welcoming environment.

If your kitchen isn’t as beautiful, not as functional, or looks out of style, let’s give you 5 suggestions on how to renovate the decor in this room.

Change the floor:

As it is a very large surface, the floor makes all the difference in the decoration of any environment. To renovate your kitchen, keep in mind that the prettier it is, the more charming your kitchen will look.

If your kitchen’s flooring isn’t functional or isn’t pleasing for aesthetic reasons – whether it’s an old-fashioned print, or a format that’s too small – it’s time for a change. Here are some tips help you in renovation

Ceramic tiles with a matte finish are the best option for the kitchen floor. This is because they are resistant, do not absorb moisture, are easy to clean and maintain. Nor do they run the risk of staining with use. It can spill wine, spill grease or get wet at will. Just clean with a disinfectant or soap and the ceramic is as good as new.

The Iberian line reproduces olive wood in ceramics. They are 15×90 boards, with a matte and rectified finish, which give a very realistic appearance, looking like natural wood. But with the technical advantages of ceramics, fundamental in the kitchen. Have you ever thought about having to worry about waterproofing and maintaining a wooden floor? And not being able to wash the kitchen floor? Ceramic reproduction is undoubtedly a better option.

Add wall cladding:

In addition to the floor, it is also important to cover the kitchen walls with ceramic tiles. After all, this is the best way to protect it from moisture, grease and food debris, as well as making the environment even more beautiful. On the wall, it is possible to dare with ceramics with 3D relief, or with prints and small formats, creating decorative effects.

Examples of lines from Pointer that will help decorate the kitchen are Dave Design.

Dave is a line that plays with the nuances and textures of white, creating a modern atmosphere, without giving up the neutrality and clarity of white. They are coverings in 30×60 or 45×90 formats, with 3D reliefs in various proposals. Great for adding charm to the kitchen, enhancing lighting and a clean feeling.

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