5 PR Categories for Canada’s Skilled Immigrants in 2022


Canada is one of the countries with the best migration policies. This post covers the top PR categories for skilled immigrants in the coming year. A Canada skilled worker visa is not hard to get. All you have to do is follow the formal application procedures. Ensure that you satisfy the eligibility criteria and the necessary documentation.

PR Process for Canada

The application process for PR includes the following:

  • The education credentials assessment
  • Clearing IELTS
  • Create a profile to apply online
  • Register with the job bank, which is an optional step
  • Receive the invite
  • Background verification from officials
  • On approval, confirm your PR status
  • Now, you can submit your passport for visa stamping

Documentation and Eligibility

The documents required for a Canada skilled worker visa are:

Education certificatesWork experience certificates
IELTS score reportValid passport
Medical certificateCertificate of police clearance
Identity proofQualifying WES report

The eligibility criteria are:

  • You have to score 67 out of 100 points in the Canada CRS calculator.
  • Your occupation should be in Canada’s demanded jobs.
  • A good IELTS score.
  • Guarantee your financial security.
  • Proofs regarding your education, employment, and language proficiency.

Top 5 PR Categories for Skilled Immigrants

The top 5 Canada PR categories for skilled immigrants in 2022 are as follows:

 Federal Skilled Worker program

FSW is the most preferred program for skilled professionals looking to get Canada PR. The program supports you if you have the necessary work experience in India or other foreign countries. The eligibility criteria include satisfying conditions in education, skilled work & language ability.

A total of six selection factors evaluate your application status. You are eligible for the FSW program if you get 67 out of 100 points in the Canada CRS calculator. You should have experience in any NOC job group. It could be managerial jobs, technical jobs, skilled trades, or professional jobs.

Volunteering or unpaid internships are not eligible. Even students can apply for this program if they get wages or there are no gaps between jobs. Other requirements like proof of funds and admissibility matter. If approved, you can migrate to Canada except for Quebec province.

Provincial Nominee Program

PNP works if you want to migrate to a specific province in Canada. The program accommodates skilled professionals, and you can directly visit the website of any of the listed provinces. The application process can be carried out either as a paper process or the Express Entry program. The ones listed in this program which you can pick are:

AlbertaBritish Colombia
ManitobaNew Brunswick
Newfoundland and LabradorNorthwest Territories
Nova ScotiaOntario
Prince Edward IslandSaskatchewan

Minimum eligibility requirements have to be met to receive an invite to apply.

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

The Quebec province has an immigration program of its own. The program fee is 1325 Canadian dollars, and the ideal processing time is 15 to 17 months. It is applicable for skilled workers & professionals who are ready to settle in Quebec. First, you have to apply with the Government of Quebec for immigration. If you clear this step by receiving a certificate, you can request IRCC for PR permission. Apart from the Quebec selection certificate, the program follows every documentation & eligibility criteria for the other programs.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

It was launched in 2017 to hire foreign-skilled workers who can migrate to Atlantic Canada. It is a flagship regional program & due to its continued success, Canada Government is planning to make it a permanent program. If you are a candidate, you have three different immigration schemes under this program. They are Atlantic International Graduate Program, Atlantic High-skilled Program & Atlantic Intermediate-skilled Program. The requirements and eligibility will vary for each program. You need to pick your relevant program before applying to IRCC.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

RNIP is an immigration program driven by communities. If you are looking for PR and are ready to work with small economic communities in Canada, this is for you. Here, the eligibility criteria involve your ability to find a job with an employer in any of the participating communities. The job application process and the required documentation for each community vary. Eleven communities are presently part of this program. You may visit the official website or collaborate with an agency to make your preferred selection.

If you are looking for opportunities in agriculture or the food industry, there is an Agri-Food Pilot program. If you want to set up your own business or transfer/expand your business outside Canada, Start-up Visa is an option. A Self-employed program is available if you excel in cultural or athletic activities. You may try out the Express Entry program to get a flexible chance at the above PR categories.

How to proceed with the PR process?

To make the best of the PR application process for Canada, you need support. Try a certified agency that can help you with all the relevant documentation & application. An agency can advise you to get your score on the Canada CRS calculator to the required level.


The best method to receive a Canada skilled worker visa is a collaboration with an authorized agency. It will make your application process hassle-free, and the probability of success will be high.


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