5 Simple Decor Hacks To Transform Your Interiors Using String Lights

The glistening glow of dim lights hits a different level of aesthetic appeal. They are the most cost-efficient way to give your house a movie-like makeover without making it heavy on your wallet. Everyone does not find it economical to transform their interiors season to season to have a pumped-up look for their interiors. But with string lights, your house can be a lot more enchanting while being economical.

They look like an invention of modern times, but string lights age back to the 1880s when Joseph Swan used them to decorate theatre dresses to give them an elegant celestial look. The string lights gained fame among high society ladies to give their attires an extra glow.

One can establish a glowing ambience using string lights that can bewitch their visitors in a glance. The soft glow of string lights can flawlessly transform the perspective of your interiors and offer them celebratory vibes.

The dim glow of string lights solely enriches the aesthetics of space economically.

Here are some simple decor hacks that will help you establish a new look for your house without overpowering the preexisting look:

Glam Up Your Balcony

String Lights are a great way to infuse style and personality to your balcony without going overboard with your budget. There are ample DIYs to create statement lighting for your balcony with string lights. One such famous DIY is of string light chandelier; it would offer ambient lighting while providing a luxurious look of a chandelier that cost way lesser than actual ones. Go for a rustic wooden base on which you could wrap your choice of string lights and hand the whole piece to your balcony. A budget-friendly idea to luxe up your balcony!

Illuminate The Shrub Life

Highlighting your florals with lights is one of the trendiest decor hacks to liven up your interior aesthetics. The soft glow of string lights is the perfect match for your indoor and outdoor plants. Give your outdoor shrubs that magical effect using string lights. The combination of soft yellow light and green could flawlessly enrich a variety of interiors drastically. Spaciously wrap strings lights around your hanging planters or on the busy branches of your outdoor plants to give your house a celestial look.

Highlight Your Decoratives

With string lights, grab people’s attention towards your fancy decoratives. Worried that nobody is paying enough attention to your souvenir collection? Decorate that area with string lights to bring more focus and spotlight on your showpieces. Installing spotlights can be on the expensive side, so go for designer string lights that give off a sleek look while providing a soft glow on your favourite decoratives.

Personalize Your Bedroom Accent Wall

One of the most usual ways to use string lights is by using them on your accent walls. They give off the same effect as a 3D light board, curate your motivation messages using string lights on your bedroom accent wall to give your space a personalised look. Or like the above-mentioned hack, highlight your cherishable photo frames on your accent wall with artsy string lights. You can do a lot with string lights in your bedroom, if you own a poster bed, then wrap shimmery string lights around the poles to have a private starry sky in your bedroom.

Dreamy Vanity Mirror

String lights around a mirror is a combination made in heaven for people who wish to stay on budget without compromising the artful elements. Decorating your vanity mirror will escalate the look and feel of your dressing room to a whole new level. The soft glow of string lights can be the perfect pair with a single ambient light. It can be the ideal mirror selfie spot for your space, so go for artsy string lights that come with different colour hues. Create a dreamy vanity room for your house without burning a hole in your pockets with artsy string lights.

In India, the hype of string lights is unreal. Every festive season, you can easily spot houses decorated with the glistening glow of string lights. They are available in numerous styles and hues, so one can use them to give the dull corners of the house an artful touch of led string lights. Buy String Lights online to discover something that will uplift your ambience the most.

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