5 trends in web design for 2022.

5 trends in web design for 2022.

Web design is something that is constantly changing, moving, and evolving. For this reason, it is important to be aware and incorporate the new trends in web design and development to be up to date and not be left behind, your eCommerce will appreciate it and you will too.

Thus, given the importance of this area, at the WDCL web design and digital marketing agency, we are constantly learning and researching new formats so that the appearance of your website is efficient and attractive in equal measure. Do you want to discover with us the 5 most important trends in web design for next year? 


These are small animations whose function is to guide the user through different actions. They are a very interesting resource for web design and development, as they are capable of giving the right personal touch to your page and improving the user experience.

However, some micro-interactions have been around for a long time, such as bonds that change color when the cursor passes over it; as well as the change of the image of the cursor itself according to its location. Today these details are extended to many other icons and elements of the web. It is a key tool to create a usable web design and, above all, personal and identifying.

Smart video

That video is one of the key formats on the Internet is no secret at this point. However, in 2022 it will no longer be enough to insert YouTube videos on your website. Now comes smart video.

With this element, the purpose is none other than to find different, original, and creative ways to include videos on websites, and that they have a meaning. We will no longer have to limit ourselves to the embedded playback format, but we can use other much more interesting resources, such as replacing the wallpaper image with a video.

Minimalism and simplified navigation

Web designs are currently saturated with stimuli for the user: alerts, intrusive advertising, pop-up notifications, etc. For the same reason, in our web design agency Lahore we bet on minimalist and simple sites that facilitate navigation. A “neat” design with a few carefully selected elements helps visitors focus on what is truly important.

Along the same lines, the simplified navigation is noteworthy. That is, the easier it is for the user to get to what they are looking for, the more likely it is to generate conversions. Thus, a reduction in the navigation menu will help to facilitate the visitor’s experience and, also, increase the speed of the website itself.

Dark mode

In recent years, the “ dark mode ” has become an indisputable trend in terms of web design and development for interfaces. They began to promote it on social networks, claiming the medical recommendation to benefit the eyes and thus reduce the sensation of visual fatigue caused by prolonged exposure to the brightness of the panel.

Dark Mode in Web design

The dark mode changes or reverses the colors of the windows and texts, whose icons become lighter tones and make everything appear darker. It is ideal if you are one of those who prefer to work in environments with low light and duller tones. Besides, it is also an advantage to save battery.


It is no longer only a trend in web design and development, but it is already close to obligation. All brands are becoming aware of the importance and need to take into account people with some type of functional diversity. Thus, it is not only a question of service and customer experience but also of values.

Web accessibility covers different aspects of a site and should be part of the design process from the beginning. Some of the ideas that we propose from our web design agency are: add labels with instructions in the forms, use the alternative text of the images to include descriptions and facilitate the task for the user, etc.

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