6 Best Proven Plugins for Adobe Illustrator (AI)

Yes, Adobe Illustrator is indicated as the perfect program for a designer. No doubt billions of experts use this handy tool, and even also million of designs are created per month. However, people also sometimes account with JPG to EPS converter for converting JPG raster file to EPS vector graphic file.

It is said that “Nobody Perfect”, this proverb also sometimes applies to illustrators too. Well, in this context we list down the best Adobe Illustrator plug-ins that can assist you in improving your art-related work.

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VectorScribe 2:

This handy version of the software by Astute Graphics integrates an innumerable range of valuable tools. You could use this tool to enhance the already existing features of illustrator. Bear in mind that illustrator is always best to proceed with the best vector artwork. Thus, we mention the best source of the theonlineconverter.com that lets you convert files to and from illustrator also loaded with the best JPG to EPS converter to save JPG as an EPS file.

The VectorScribe 2 is the best way for holding the record of being the well-known plug-in as it lets you edit, add corners, create vector shapes, and even also measure lines and angles.

Symmetry Works:

This is indicated as a unique plugin for AI that helps you to generate complex patterns that are quite daunting with illustrator alone. But, bear in mind this tool doesn’t allow you to convert JPG to EPS vector image file, for that you have to attain the best JPG to EPS converter.

Additionally, with this software, you can be able to make repeating patterns and even edit the graphics. It allows you to alter the colors in ways that assist you in creating positive as well as negative spaces that entirely balance your design work. In short, this plug-in lets you save time, work tremendously, and even more imaginatively.

Magic Exporter:

This plugin works best to simplify the entire process of exporting your artwork from illustrator to a web-ready regular PNG image file, which is compatible with all devices. And, thanks to a free JPG to EPS converter that also lets you convert regular raster JPG image file to EPS vector graphic file.

When it comes to exporting the objects, this plugin manually slices and even hide the layers and only export what you need. This means it allows you to mark what you want and export it by using a special menu. Moreover, this handy tool helps you to create several PNG raster copies of the particular objects that depend on the screen size. And, when you want to replace your JPG images with EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files, then you simply upload files into JPG to EPS converter and let it convert images to EPS vector files.

Select Menu:

Select Menu is loaded with 18 extra features to the “Select” drop-down menu that is currently not available on the basic plan of Adobe Illustrator. And, if you are seeking free JPG image to EPS conversions, then this is where an online JPG to EPS converter makes sense.

You can see that AI always fails to differentiate between open as well as closed paths, so what to do! Yes, this handy plug-in can be able to access all types of paths including open paths, closed paths, filled paths, compound paths, stroked paths, dashed paths, etc. Also, you could consider this best software to swiftly flatten an image and even keep its transparency. And, if you want to keep the quality high while turning JPG into EPS, then no need to worry more as there are lots of free JPG to EPS converter programs available.

Gold Rush:

If you aim to glamourize your art-related work, then Gold Rush is best to proceed with right now. This plug-in features splendid gold, metallic, glitter, and foil effects that let designers integrate into their work. If you’re a designer and want to know how to convert JPG to EPS online, then seek for best JPG to EPS converter right now.

This handy tool consists of around 218 swates and even about 35 brushed elements that let you add sparkle to your design work. Unlike the name gold, there you can find a wide range of colors to procced with.


This plugin works as a bridge between Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, it lets you adjust vectors, embed images with curves, and add text effects. Now, you people could attain full control over essentials without the need to juggle between two different programs, respectively. This plugin incorporates features like Curves, Levels, Hue, Saturations, and Automation.


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