6 Table Lamp Styles to Check this Diwali for Home Decoration

Lights, in most places, are placed on the ceiling. While this does light up the entire room, sometimes they leave some blind spots as well. And light sources are very important for certain areas of our homes and offices, like office and study tables as well as bedside tables. Because we spend a lot of time just working or reading in bed, or we may need a source of a soft light placed on our bedside- a table lamp becomes important.

Table lamps are all made of various materials and these materials affect the look and feel of the table lamp as well. Here’s a list of the varied style and finish the table lamps end up with and the different types of materials used to make them.

Classic Designs

Classic designs are pretty basic- there is a single stand, which can be made of wood, glass, metal, etc. And a simple white fabric lampshade. These designs work well with all kinds of decor and are pretty distinct as well. 

Often, the base and the stem of the lamp may differ- like they may be made of wood or metal or even ceramic bases, but the lamp top is always made of white fabric. 


Table lamps that have a metallic look or finish either are made of a metallic base or the lampshade are metallic. Metal table lamps have indented bases, or sometimes a single metal rod. They, despite popular belief, work well with traditional decor as well. 

Some metallic lamps have an engraved lampshade which makes the light look patterned. They look great for both traditional decor and modern decor style as well. However, if you want an ultra-modernistic look, a minimalist metal-fabric lamp is a great choice.


Wooden lamps can have carved bases and stems. They give a rustic look and seem more traditional than metal lamps. They can be cut into different designs easily, thus making it easy to add an out of the box element to the decor. Some wooden table lamps are made of mango wood which makes them durable and others still are made using bamboo, which is an eco-friendly crop.


Glass is a material that can easily be moulded into varied shapes and sizes. It is very easy to colour or taint the glass table lamp. There are many different ways to use glass in a lamp- the lampshade can be made of transparent glass, supported by a wooden or metal frame. Such a design is ideal for contemporary spaces. You can also find tainted glass lampshades that have different shapes and colours printed on them. Such table lamps should be placed in places with low activity as glass can break quite easily. 


Ceramic is one of the most popular lamp bases. They are similar to glass but are more durable and mostly opaque. The ceramic table lamp base is made in many ways. The base is often patterned, and indented. They are soft to touch and are quite shiny. They are often hand-painted on and thus are a great and easy way to promote local art and artists. They come in a variety of colours and shapes as well. 


While the base of the table lamp does affect the final look of the product, the lampshade is what catches people’s eyes. That’s because they are the actual source of light. Using a white cotton cloth can make the table lamp seem more to the classic, traditional side and a printed shade can just as easily make a simple design modern. This versatile nature of the fabric shade makes it one of the most important features of a table lamp.

All these designs vary not only because they are made to be so, but also because the material used is so different. A wooden lamp will almost always have a rustic design while metal lamps will always be associated with modern interior design. You can get these Table lamps online at affordable prices for a hassle-free delivery and experience.

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