7 Bathroom Trends to Consider For Your Next Remodel 

The latest bathroom trends include a separate shower and a soaking tub, contrasting bath vanities, fabuwood cabinets, large tiles and, more. Consider any of these!

A tile comes when we all think of our bathrooms as outdated and less trendy. When that happens, it is time to remodel the space and get it a new look. In this case, many features can bring a notable change to your bathroom. If you haven’t decided on cabinets, go for fabuwood cabinets for your next bathroom remodel. 

In addition to cabinets, you can change your bath vanities, faucets, and shower tops to update the look. That is why a bathroom redo is a must when you crave to feel the change in your home interior. Several additions can make that possible for you. 

Right now, there are tons of new and exciting bathroom trends and designs that you should consider. Search for the latest trends, and you will find these six most stunning ideas for your project:

  1. A soaking tub and a separate shower
  2. Contrasting bath vanities
  3. Large floor tiles
  4. Fabuwood cabinets
  5. Modern toilets
  6. Extended backsplash
  7. Use of houseplants

A soaking tub and a separate shower:

Both a shower and a bathing tub can create lots of water splashes as a result of bathing. That is why the recent trends are there to solve this problem. In this case, a soaking tub is a better solution than having a big bathtub. The reason behind this is that soaking tubs are compact in size- hence, they take up very little of your bath space. 

In the same way, a separate shower area is always a better choice than a big bathtub. This bathroom design can solve most of your moisture-related issues. So, having a shower area and a soaking tub separately is a brilliant idea.

Contrasting bath vanities:

Well, bath vanities create harmony in your bathroom design. But, have you thought about contrasting vanities? The idea here is to match two striking colors in bathroom vanities. For instance, the best way of doing this would be a black quartz countertop and white upper cabinet storage. Also, you can play with a different color for hardware and bold color for a marble top. Try this vanity trend for a contrasting look! 

Large floor tiles:

Are you renovating your floor tiles? Consider installing large size marble floor tiles in your bathroom. Having marble is already a timeless and elegant choice. So this year, follow the trendy big tiles with bold accents for your bathroom. In this way, your bathroom will look big and eye-catching. Moreover, large tiles are easy to take care of and maintain. Either go for a smooth texture or veining patterns.

Fabuwood cabinets:

Just like your kitchen, the bathroom also needs some storage. So, solve your storage issue with buy Fabuwood kitchen cabinets. They are sturdy, lasting, and offer ample storage space. Moreover, you can have them in any color, wood type, and finish with the best hardware. Not only that, open cabinets and shelves are also trending this year- thus, use them to store your toiletries and other essentials. If you have electronic devices, keep them in your base cabinets.

Modern toilets:

Toilet trends are new and exciting with installing modern toilets. These trends are fantastic with new technology and new designs. So, new features such as smart toilets, automatic flush, mobile showers, and luxury vanity tops are trending this year. Consider these toilet features and designs for your next bathroom remodel. 

Self-closing and opening lids are also modern toilet features to be elated about these days. They eliminate the risk of touching such bacterial surfaces. In this way, you can have a hygienic bathroom experience.

Extended backsplash:

If you have not seen an extended backsplash, you are missing out on the best trends for sure. The idea is to extend the shower backsplash to the bathroom floor. In general, you can have the same tiles for the flooring and shower wall. As a result, it will create a fantastic aesthetic appeal and harmony with other features. Many homeowners prefer this bath design for their homes. So, imagine a navy shower area from the walls to the bottom!

Use of houseplants:

Houseplants, in particular, are becoming the top trends for home interiors. These living plants look fresh and relaxing in any area of your home. Be it your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom- style your personal space by using suitable home plants. But, pick those plants for the bathroom that can easily handle humidity. Trust me; this idea will make your mood fresh and calm for the rest of the day.


 If you are looking for some latest bathroom vanities for your next remodel, this post is for you. You will find seven brilliant ideas on bathtubs, vanities, and cabinet storage. So, recent bathroom trends include: contrasting vanities and using a separate soaking tub and a shower. In addition, modern toilets with self-closing and opening lids are also becoming popular among the masses. And fabuwood cabinets to enhance storage along with an extended backsplash. Pick any style today!

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