7 Most outstanding rugs that can transform your hallways

Currently, the market is on with great interior choices- you can choose any style and design from the various home accessories. And area rugs are of those home décor elements. Not only your living room, but some modern rug pieces can instantly transform your hallways as well. Any design and wearable fabric can stand out in that area of your home.

Furthermore, you ought to consider the perfect size and shape for your rug that will match the rest of your room. Also, consider your living space when choosing a rug piece for your shared hallway. In addition to side tables and consoles, a subtle rug style can add sophistication to the entire entryway. 

Here are seven outstanding rug suggestions that can spruce up your hallways and corridors as well. So, check out these rug choices: 

  1. A mix of black, brown, and white
  2. A straight dotted rug piece
  3. Gold and gray design
  4. Space-inspired area rugs 
  5. Round white and brown rug
  6. A rectangular patterned rug
  7. A classic gray lounge runner rug

A mix of black, brown, and white:

Do you have a mid-century home style or a modern one? In either one of these, you should go for a mix of dark and light-colored rug designs. For instance, a modern rug with three hues in a row would be an ideal choice for you. So, either opt for a rectangular rug shape or the round one depending on your hallway. 

In addition to the size and shape, go for a mix of three disrupted colors. A mix and match of black and white separated by a white linear row will look ethereal in your hallways and corridors. Also, you can synchronize two hallways using the same color palette.  

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A straight dotted rug piece:

A straight and uniform rug design is all that you need for a straight hallway. In this case, you should go for a dotted rug design. Or you may prefer a modern rug piece with a vintage feel- that is polka-dotted. Yes, polka dots! A gray area rug with black polka dots is perfect for a uniform and lengthy rug style. Moreover, its highlights will go with all furniture types and styles. Just have a look and decide!

Gold and gray design:

Honestly, gold and gray tones are a delight to watch and place in your home décor. Imagine a gray square rug with gold scattered prints on the entire piece- what is more attractive than that? Generally, colors like these emphasize the functionality and grace of other home décor elements, such as your plush couch and luxury lamp. A hallway is a perfect spot to add these subtle pieces. 

Space-inspired area rugs:

Well, it will not be surprising if you love space-inspired ideas. For a home with children, home décor gets a little more fun and creative. So, bring your creative skills to work and find a perfect space-inspired carpet or rug for your entryway. Believe it; your kids are going to love the idea at once. And make sure it has all the planets featuring galaxies. In addition to styling, these accent rugs are a chance to learn more about this universe. 

Round white and brown rug:

For a hallway that is big enough, you need to create a focal point. In this case, place a round rug under the round accent table in the center of the hallway. In the same way, brown and white area rugs will look stylish and practical in your home interior. A rug style with marble patterns and gold lines will become the centerpiece of that area. So, get ready for all the compliments on home styling.

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Moreover, these modern rugs alone are not enough. Bring a classic chandelier in the frame and imagine the room transformation. A chandelier, small table, and a round rug piece will refine the place as per your taste and style.   

A rectangular patterned rug:

For sure, a patterned rug is always a fantastic choice. If you have a home décor with light-colored walls and neutral curtains, go for a rug style with a unique pattern. A black and white patterned rug, for instance, will stand out in your hallway and the rest of the setup. Also, the marble decor pieces will go perfectly with your interior and this rug design. Remember, kill the monotony with dark and light.

A classic gray lounge runner rug:

Gray runner rugs are one of the best modern rug styles. A beautiful gray runner will amaze you with its ability to adjust to other angles. It is subtle, calming, and classic at the same time. But, you have to illuminate the room by using extra light bulbs. In this way, you can stop it from being stagnant and boring. 

Pro-tip: the tip is to synchronize the home décor by contrasting colors. If you have a dark hallway, pick red rugs. In contrast, choose dark/patterned rugs for a neutral color scheme. 


Some people are picky when it comes to buying rug pieces. From hundreds of choices, modern area rugs are the best ones to transform the look of your hallways. So, choose any of these seven outstanding rug ideas- black, brown, and white prints, round gray and gold rugs, and dotted rug designs. Moreover, do a stunning makeover with gray or space-inspired runner rugs. Go to the rug gallery for the best rug designs and inspire us by sharing your thoughts on this.


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