7 small home decor tips for little

The budget is tight and you are looking for small home decorating tips for little money? Check out the tips

Decorating the house does not have to be synonymous with high cost. Using the right pieces and creativity, the entire house can be decorated spending less than you think. Even in the limited space and low budget they shouldn’t be seen as a problem for your decoration, know that with a little creativity, it is possible to imprint a totally unique and functional identity in the environment.

Below we will list some decorating tips for small spaces that cost little and make the space well used.

Crate niches:

Space in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and in any room is always very welcome. Using niches and shelves to decorate is a way to improve organization and make the space more functional. In addition, the use of niches for the accommodation of household items, in the case of the kitchen, is excellent, as it leaves everything on display.

For this, fair crates can be used! Yes, these same ones you find at the fair or in the market. You can collect these crates and at home wash, sand, paint with a color that will interact well with your environment and nail them to the wall, thus creating several shelves. The good thing is that, as we said at the beginning, this tip is not necessarily just for the kitchen, you can use it in the office to store books and document folders, in the children’s room to store toys, as well as being a cheap alternative that can leave your decor beautiful and uncluttered.


Decorating with wallpaper is a great option to give life to environments without having to spend on labor and a lot of material. The application of self-adhesive wallpaper is very simple and has a great cost-benefit ratio, since you can apply it yourself and this ends up generating more good savings. There are several models of wallpaper available in the market for a good price, besides, prints and colors will not be lacking if you want to be a little more daring and mix. You will get an original and very interesting decoration.


Just as covering walls with paper is cheaper than painting, covering furniture with contact is cheaper than replacing it. Having a kitchen all in one color can get tedious at some point for some people. So to solve this, cover cabinets, benches, chairs and anything else you want with the contact. This material can be found very cheaply in any stationery store and is easy to apply, with several options in unique colors or with varied prints. When applying, you can fearlessly throw yourself into creativity, choose whether you want to make a mosaic of various colors or even mix between an original tile and another colored one on the kitchen wall.

Insulating tape

Insulating tape is not just for electrical components and wiring. This very cheap ribbon can be used in home decoration, leaving home appliances with a personalized tone. You can create black stripes on furniture or walls and even light switches, giving a new look to an old appliance or baby’s room. It is also interesting to think that not only black ribbons are available on the market, there are already colors like blue, yellow and red. They can be applied as stripes, creating geometric designs, borders around the appliance, switches and furniture that can be redesigned. For Plumbing Services Click Here

Make your own furniture

It may seem like a very complicated idea, after all not everyone has manual skills. On the internet you can find some tutorials that make life much easier for those who want to opt for a personalized and exclusive decoration. Just imagine, being able to tell that you yourself gave a special touch to your decor and in a very easy way? And the cool thing is that for these creations you can use recyclable materials, such as tires, pallets and even egg boxes, that is, in addition to being creative, you will also be contributing to the environment.

  1. Frames

Following the DIY line, one option is to make your paintings to have a cheap decoration. Nothing better than art to take the wall out of sameness. If you do it yourself, even better. Use paint and brush, watercolor canvases, fabrics and any other material that will help you have a small home decor at a low cost. In addition to bringing an original decoration to the environment, you will learn a new activity. You can even find ready-made artwork on the internet, or posters that you can also print and frame to set the scene.

Glasses and old items

Also in the same line of thought for decorating with recyclable items, use glass bottles as a flower vase, large pots (properly painted or covered with contact) as niches or table organizers, among others. Cups and kettles that are no longer in use can be great for setting up home arrangements, as well as bringing a vintage touch. You can decorate the glass jars with lace, ribbons and even custom paintings and put flowers in them. And the best part, you will have an excellent decoration for little.


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