8 Helpful Things To Do Before Spine Surgery

Spine surgery may be the perfect solution to your back pain, but the success of your surgery depends on more than just the skill of the surgeon performing it. You may be surprised to learn that it’s not just what you do during rehabilitation after surgery that will drive your recovery.

Much of your recovery and satisfaction after surgery depends on the steps you took before surgery. In today’s blog, we’re sharing eight things you should do before your spine surgery to ensure your surgery and recovery are successful.

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8 Things You Should Do Before Back Surgery

If you follow these eight things before your spine surgery, we’re sure you’ll give your body the best chance for a better outcome.

  1. Get a second opinion

    Spine surgery is an important decision. Even if you trust your surgeon, given the risk, be sure to get a second opinion to confirm the original diagnosis and treatment plan.
  2. Pretreatment

    You don’t have to wait until your surgery is complete to begin your rehabilitation program. Studies have shown that patients who participate in a strengthening program prior to surgery are more likely to have better results than patients who rely only on a post-operative recovery program. It’s never too early to adopt helpful rehabilitation habits, so start before your surgery.
  3. Improve nutrition

    Make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs to regenerate structures. A poor diet can also increase the risk of spinal inflammation, which can worsen symptoms before surgery.
  4. Weight loss

    If you are obese or overweight, you should work toward a healthier weight. Being overweight puts more stress on the spine, which is in a weakened state after surgery. Aim for a healthier weight and your spine will benefit.
  5. Ask questions

    If you feel nervous or unsure about your surgery, be sure to ask your surgeon or medical team questions. They will be happy to answer your questions and help put you at ease.
  6. Prepare your home

    Get your laundry done, set up your recovery station and prepare your home for life after spine surgery. The more you get done before surgery, the less you will have to worry about right after surgery when discomfort is at its greatest.
  7. Meal Plan

    Don’t rely solely on take-out and frozen pizzas during your recovery just because your recent surgery makes cooking difficult. Prepare some healthy meals that are easy to reheat so you don’t have to spend hours preparing a healthy meal after surgery.
  8. transportation services

    You probably won’t be able to drive yourself home after surgery, so you’ll need to arrange for a transportation service. Many people prefer to be driven to the surgery center on the day of surgery, so you should arrange for a ride before your surgery date.

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