8 Innovative Ideas to Improve Your Lotion Boxes

Lotion boxes are sturdy and keep lotions and creams safe from the external environment. These are available in multiple sizes and shapes. Distinctive designs and themes are present in the market to increase the appearance of these packages. Attractive and unique color schemes improve the overall beauty of the packaging. PMS and CMYK are the most popular color models available. Graphics are easily added to these boxes with the help of digital, screen, and offset printing methods. There are several methods of finishing available for these packages. Spot UV, aqueous, smudge-free, and gloss are the famous types of laminations. These methods protect the boxes from the attack of dust particles and grease. 

Lotion boxes are made of high-quality materials. These materials are the reason behind the sturdy appearance of the boxes. Cardboard, Kraft, and bux board materials are famous worldwide because of their strength. These are resistant to changes in heat, moisture, and temperature. Beauty and luxury companies are using them to create a new outlook for their products. These boxes can be easily customized. If you are using these boxes, you need to use innovative ideas to make them different from the rest. Following article will explain 8 innovative ideas to improve the packages. 

Choose attractive colors: 

Custom lotion boxes with attractive color schemes are getting popular in the market. For more people to learn about your business, you need to pick a specific color scheme. This will help in creating a specific identity of your products in the market. Beauty brands need to increase the outlook of their products. This is the only way to make your products distinctive from the rest. There are multiple color models available for enhancing the presentation of these packages. CMYK and PMS are the most commonly used color models available for these boxes. You can choose the colors according to the quality of the product. The colors used in these packages must reflect the property of the products. It will enhance the interest of the customers. 

Alluring designs

Custom printed lotion boxes in distinctive designs will win the heart of the customers. Lotions and cream products are directly applied to the skin. Customers are conscious when they are buying them. Plain and monotonous packaging will look boring. If you want to increase your sales, you need to use outstanding designs. For these packages, you can use a die-cut design to give customers a detailed view of the products. They will be happy to look at the product before buying it. Your sales will improve, and people will prefer to choose your products because of these designs. 

Perfect sizes

Custom box packaging with the perfect size is the best way to win the hearts of customers. Standard sizes are sometimes boring because everyone is using them. You can use different sizes according to the size of the products. These packages can be cut and bent easily. For small quantities and portions, you can use a small size. These different sizes will also enhance the shelf impact of the packaging. 

Latest printing methods

Custom packaging with the best printing methods is the best to get more sales. Digital, screen, and offset printing methods help provide the perfect packaging detail. The first interaction of the customers is with your packaging. If the printing details are not reliable, customers will reject your products. They will think low of your brand and the products you are offering. Experts recommend using these methods to enhance the visibility of your products as well.  

Add images and graphics 

Custom cardboard boxes with relevant images and graphics on the packaging will help the customers in identifying your products. When customers enter the shops, they don’t like to read the details of the products. It is observed commonly that they prefer to buy the products that have the details of the products written over them. They just take a look at the images and graphics on the packaging and buy your products. You can also put the details of the composition of the products in the form of bars and printed graphs. 

The brand identity of your products will be formed because of the logo on the packaging. The logo is representative of the brand. Customers will recognize you from the logo of your brand. It is important to stand out in the market if you want to make more sales. Experts recommend embossing the logo to increase the worth of the packaging. Embossing is the process of drawing the logo in embossed or debossed form. Customers will turn their heads around your products because of the embossing and the luxury. 

Apply finishing techniques

Sometimes printing details of the packaging fade away because of the dust particles. When these packages are present on the shelves of the packages, they are prone to dust and grease. When these boxes are transported and handled during shipping, they can get damaged. When your customers hold the packaging in their hands, they will be disappointed. Finishing techniques will help in keeping the products protected from these factors. Lamination of the packaging increases the smoothness and texture of the packaging. 

Packaging inserts

Another way of increasing the value of the products is to use packaging inserts. We all know that lotions and creams are delicate objects. They can be broken easily from the stress of shipping. There are various ways of enhancing the protection of these packages. You can use these products along with the perfectly cut-sized packaging inserts to ensure safe delivery. 

Lotion boxes are sustainable and can be easily used multiple times. The market is full of innovative ideas to enhance the beauty of the packaging. Choosing a unique color scheme is important for making a style statement for your brand. Mesmerizing designs enhance the visibility of your products. The sales for your business will increase because of the high-quality printing methods. Finishing techniques and embossing will enhance the overall appearance of the packaging. Packaging inserts will keep your products in place.  


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