8 Nostalgic And Thoughtful Christmas Gift For Your BFF

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship in the world. It is the bond that makes us feel loved and cared for apart from the family bond that we have. Friends are the people whom we choose to make our family. We fight, love, share, care and stay together forever. This forever kind of friendship that stays with us all our lives is the best. Just like all the other relationships we need to put effort to make our friendship work and last longer. 

Everyone is not fortunate enough to have such a friendship but if you have any such friends then you should try to make it work and last long. One way to make any relationship work is to let that person know that you care for them and love them. I know that in this fast racing world we don’t have much time to meet and spend time with each other but still, we can make them feel special by sending them some thoughtful gifts on various occasions. 

Christmas is around the corner and this is the best time to send your love to your childhood best friend in the form of nostalgic gifts that take them back to old times. 

If you are finding it difficult to get such gifts then you should read this blog to get some inspiration. Here we have curated a list of gift options that can be a nostalgic and thoughtful gift for your BFF.

Capsule letter message- 

When we were kids we used to give each other handmade gifts and cards on various occasions. It was such a beautiful time. To reminisce all those old golden memories you can send capsule letter messages to your BFF. It is an advanced version of cards. You just need a jar and plastic capsules that have space to keep objects. They are easily available in craft stores. Write a message on paper, roll it and keep it in those capsules and put all of them in a jar. Now decorate your jar and send it to your BFF. You can order cake online and send it along with the jar. 

Personalised Gifts- 

When trying to make someone feel special it is best to send them personalised gifts. You can send personalised wallets, T-shirts, pens, nameplates to your BFF to make them feel loved and special this Christmas. 

Neon signs-

Neon signs are very trending these days. They add a character to the place it is kept. It glows up in neon colours and gives festive vibes. You can get them personalised accordingly. They are easily available at online shopping websites these days. 

Photo album-

We all look into pictures when trying to go down memory lane. You can do the same to make your BFF remember those childhood memories and feel nostalgic for a while. You can make a photo album for them on your own or buy a ready-made album online and stick pictures on it. I would prefer to make it on your own because that will make it more special. 

Windchime or dreamcatcher-

Windchime or a dreamcatcher gives very aesthetic vibes to the room. They add to the beauty and fill the space with cosiness. You can get wind chimes or a dreamcatcher in a variety of styles and colours these days. You can send this to your BFF along with the new year cake to make their winter season special.

Candy jar-

Childhood is filled with so many memories and candies are a part of it. We cannot forget how we used to steal money from our parents’ pockets and buy candies. What were those days! I am feeling nostalgic now. You can sand a jar of candies that you both used to eat in those days. It will make them feel nostalgic and special. 

Polaroid camera-

Nothing can save a memory better than a photograph. To take an instant snap of new memories, you can gift a polaroid camera to your BFF. Next time when you meet you can click pictures together and make a new memory. 

Christmas hamper-

It fills us with excitement when we hear the word Christmas hamper. Hamper means collection of little knick-knacks in a box that all together makes sense. You can also send a Christmas hamper to your BFF along with the Christmas themed cake. You can get ready-made hampers from online shops easily these days. 

I hope you liked and found inspiration on how you can make your BFF feel special and nostalgic this Christmas.


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