9 Mistakes to Avoid on your NEET Exam Day

Trying to Revise whole Syllabus Day Before Exam 

Finally the has arrived in which your whole 2 years of preparation will be tested in just 3 hours.

But this doesn’t mean you should give up sleep and try to revise whole syllabus in just one night.

You should start preparing your own shorts notes 6 months before the exam for every chapters which will be of great help at the time of revision (actually you will thank yourself later you did it) because revising from the sack of books that you he collected in the last 2 years would be hectic. Instead you can prepare important formulas, short summary, fats of important topics or maybe you can create story of the chapter that you can remember. 

Getting less Sleep 

Your exam is important but sitting in exam without proper sleep can ruin your mental health.

Your ability to focus get disturbed because of the fatigue and that damn eye lid starts to get heavy due to less sleep. Sleeping not only helps you relax your brain but also retain the information stored in it so try to get some extra sleep or at least go for 7-8 hours of sleep.

Skipping your Breakfast 

We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but some student try to avoid it on their most important day that is their NEET exam. Try to get high Protein and fats rich breakfast that will boost up system and brainpower. This will result in more consciousness in exam time to take better and decisive action.

Set Proper Alarm or maybe two

If you are night owl like most of the teenagers you will probably wake up late. Setting up alarm on your phone might be risky as its battery might be low or its sound may not wake you up. Having an extra alarm clock for backup will be a better idea.

Drinking Too much Water night before exam 

Water is essential to keep you hydrated but at the same time drinking too much of it can fill your bladder and this will wake you up in mid night and disturb your sleep. Drinking extra water before entering the exam hall can also take some extra time from your 3 hours of exam .

No Physical activity on Exam day 

Your Exam day hype might bring up some extra stress and anxiety. Having some physical activity will increase endorphins in your body and reduce stress hormones. Exercise doesn’t means that you should hit the gym. Couple of crunches, pull ups or pushups will be fine even better you can just go for walky-walk with your doggy-dog.

Think about positive outcomes

Use your visualization power to envision the positive result for your exam. Many sportsperson from Corner McGregor to political leaders like Barak Obama have used it to turn their dreams into reality.

Seeing your self succeed before exam will boost confidence in you.

Studying just before exam 

Stop studying it’s enough now yes I am saying it because you have already studied everything you could in 2 years studying for extra 3-4 hours will not give you the rank you want. You will see many students revising hard just before entering the exam hall and they will feel overwhelmed in the exam hall by anxiety . 

Being late for exam 

Worst thing you can think of on your NEET exam day is to be late on exam center. This show your lack of will to give exam. Arriving early at exam center is always a good practice. 

We hope taking these precautions will help you in your NEET Exam. moreover Don’t forget to checkout the Best NEET Coaching in Bangalore where you can enroll and increase your chances of cracking the NEET Exam under the experts guidance.


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