9 Things you should not be keeping in your kitchen

You should not keep your chinaware, bulky canisters, knife block, and books on the kitchen counter. So, put your spice jars and olive oil in the kitchen.

It is a good idea to keep some things on your kitchen countertop. But, if you have too many items cluttering the top surface, it can be a problem. For starters, not everything is suitable to store on the kitchen slab. In particular, you should not keep spice jars or oil canisters on the counter. Organize them in your new kitchen cabinets instead.  

Moreover, your kitchen countertop is the focal point in your home where you can be creative with your choices. It should be an extension of who you are! So, the best tip one can give is not to put things that don’t belong on the kitchen counter. Also, various odds can make it look out of place.

 Here is the list of 10 items that could get in the way of the productivity of your kitchen. So, avoid keeping these things on the countertop:

  1. Rarely used devices
  2. Your fancy chinaware
  3. Papers/books of any type
  4. Your spice jars in new kitchen cabinets
  5. The bulky canisters
  6. The wooden knife block
  7. Put olive oil in the cabinets
  8. Electronic devices!
  9. Cleaning products

Rarely used devices:

The biggest reason behind cluttered kitchens is the display of rarely used items. If you want to be an expert at organizing your cooking space, do not stuff your kitchen counter with useless gadgets. So, do not put your grinder, mixer, coffee maker, and toaster on the top surface. In addition, the best place to store these items is your tall cabinets for the kitchen.  

Your fancy chinaware:

Whether you serve in your chinaware or not, keeping them on the kitchen counter has no point. Typically, many homeowners keep their serving dishes and wine glasses on the counter after washing them. Well, this is not a good idea by all means. First of all, the risk of any damage is prevalent. Secondly, they take up much of your counter space. 

Paper/book of any type:

Honestly, most of us want to sort our paperwork while cooking or cleaning. That is quite risky for your important documents. So, always keep your papers, books, and magazines away from the counter. Also, you can do official work in your dining area. A messed-up kitchen counter is exhausting to clean later on. So, get these things sorted.

Your spice jars:

Food experts say that your counter is not the best place to keep spice jars and other flavored items. According to them, the spices lose their essence and flavor when coming in contact with direct heat and pressure. In this case, your new kitchen cabinets are an ideal place to store these spice jars- as they are dark and colder than your countertop. 

The bulky canisters:

No doubt, a few decorative canisters look stylish on the kitchen counter, but they might occupy plenty of the counter space, which can be a problem later. In addition to that, bulky canisters are not a good idea to keep them on stoned countertops. As a result, it can damage the countertop surface or leave marks under the base. Oil canisters are the best example here.

The wooden knife block:

You may want to keep your wooden knife block on the kitchen counter, but you can keep it in other places as well. Well, common sense suggests that you should not be keeping sharp knives on the counter as you might have children at home. Yes, it is not safe and practical for you. So, your drawers are the perfect place to keep these sharp and pointed items. 

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Put olive oil in the cabinets:

Similar to spice jars, you should not keep your oil olive bottle on the kitchen counter. In this way, it gets direct heat and natural light. Many experts suggest that your cabinets in Columbus are the best place to keep olive oil cans and bottles. This way, they will not lose their natural taste and minerals. They will be better inside the cabinets or any other dark place.  

No electronic devices!

We know that we live in a time when we have several electronic devices around. From our cell phones to Alexa playing in the background, we cannot ignore their presence. But, these fragile electronics can have severe damage if we keep them on the counter. That is why avoid keeping them near water content. 

Cleaning products:

Human error is inevitable, and chemicals and food items can get mixed. So, do not put your cleaning agents or chemicals anywhere near the counter. Try to align them in the safest place, such as the sink corner. A drop of a dishwasher can be risky for your food prep. 


Your kitchen counter should not be all fussy with your chinaware, bulky canisters, knife block, and books. Instead, put these items in your new kitchen cabinets or on the shelves that are out of sight. Use this extra space wisely by placing meal prep tools. Also, things like spice jars and olive oil are not for the counter space. Hold on to these tips for a mess-free counter area.


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