A Comprehensive Guide On Dealing With Acne

If you are a young adult who is suffering with infrequent, or even frequent, bouts of acne on the face then you will no doubt feel as if there is no choice but to hide your face and hope the acne disappears as soon as it seems to appear.

If you are an older adult who has been plagued with acne for many years, you may well be finding that the medical treatments or creams you used to use seem to not have as good an effect as they used to.

Whatever your individual situation, continue reading for a comprehensive guide on dealing with acne. 

What Actually Is Acne?

Acne is far more common than you think and is essentially a surficial skin condition that, contrary to popular belief, affects the majority of people across the length and breadth of the country at some point or other. 

Effective Acne Treatments

Luckily, there is a myriad of different treatments for acne and often it is down to the individual to discover which treatment works best for them.

It is strongly advisable, when initially looking into effective treatments for acne, to contact a renowned and reputable online chemist, who will be able to deliver prescriptions for your acne directly to your door.

Effective acne treatments include topical antibiotics, dapsone gel, benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol, oral antibiotics, creams, lotions and gels and salicylic acid. There is also a school of thought that still links feelings of anxiety and stress to a breakout of acne, so it may also be worth looking into learning simple and accessible meditative techniques that you can practice on your own when you have a spare twenty minutes at home. 

The Different Types Of Acne Spots

Acne causes different kinds of spots on one or more of the face, back or shoulders and usually a flare-up of acne combines more than a few of the six different types of acne spots.


Papules are tiny red spots which appear much more to look like bumps on the skin rather than actual spots. Papules always feel tender and can even itch and become incredibly sore.


Cysts caused by acne are easily the most damaging and severe form of acne spot and are visibly large lumps, usually occurring on the face, that are filled with pus. Acne cysts are usually the types of spots which result in scarring long after the acne itself has been treated and look similar to a boil.


Whiteheads are small white or yellowish lumps or bumps on the skin, usually grouped together on a patch of skin and are filled with pus.


Similar to whiteheads, blackheads are yellowish lumps but instead of a white tip, they show a black tip instead, which is often thought to be trapped dirt, but is merely the inner lining of the hair follicle. 


Nodules caused by acne are larger and exceedingly hard lumps which are usually painful and occur just below the surface of the skin.


Lastly, pustules are the final type of acne spots and are essentially pustules with a white-filled tip. 


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