A Foolproof Guide To The Acrylic Led Tv Screen Guard

Acrylic is also known as acrylic glass or plexiglass or Perspex is basically of its chemical form methyl methotrexate which is crystal clear as of glass but with less than half of the weight of the glass and higher impact resistance of about 660kg per square centimetre and flexural strength about 915kg per square centimetre. Well, the glass will not even meet the 10 percent of the acrylic.

Talking about the Best Smart TV in India screen guard the acrylic sheets are molded to different sizes and shapes as required. It is one of the best innovations so far regarding the protection of the LED TVs. 

  1. How acrylic shields are better protection for Smart TVs?

The panel that we see on our TVs are so delicate that they can’t take much pressure because they are made of glass material. Any obstacles or things hitting the panel might lead to bigger damage for the panel which is non repairable so as a precaution the external acrylic shield is a perfect solution.

  • How acrylic shields are not bad as you think.

       You may have questions about it that will that affect the picture quality of my TV. The answer is “Yes” because there is 3 to 5% clarity deterioration but on the other hand the color depths are high. It does come with some cons that are scratches when compared with glass the acrylic gets more scratch but when maintained in the proper manner these problems will not come.  

  • Will acrylic shield for TV be a value for money?

Yes, it is because TV panels are worth 80% of the entire TV so you are saving closely 80% of the TV cost by taking precautions well investing much on this kind of product may not feel good for any person but there is one in the Indian market named Ridaex who are the manufacturers of Indian best smart TVs. They are also into the shield by the name Ridaex shield a premium screen guard for LED TV which is the best and most affordable and value for money product.

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