Are looking for homestay Melaka with swimming pool?

You are looking for Homestay Melaka with swimming pool for family in conjunction with traveling and spending your vacation time soon; You have a large family?…

Are you looking for a homestay with a very affordable price, cheap and comfortable? WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU TO BOOK A MELAKA HOMESTAY TO SPEND YOUR HOLIDAY TIME LATER.. !!! SLOW FULL BOOKING LATER…

Usually homestays in conjunction with the public holiday season, festive holidays and school holidays are very limited because the number of houses that are comfortable and have homestay Melaka with swimming pool facilities is quite limited.

Anugerah Homestay Melaka is easily accessible from PLUS Highway because it is located near the Ayer Keroh toll exit. This 2 -storey villa offers 5 air -conditioned rooms (3 bathrooms) with a spacious private pool for family activities. Can accommodate up to 18 guests.

When many people are on holiday, cooking on their own is more economical and fun. so guests who plan to cook can bring wet items from home because complete cooking utensils are provided. Just want to use and tidy it up again. A dining table for 10 people is also provided. If you want a BBQ, many people can too!

If you are thinking of family accommodation in conjunction with the upcoming public holiday season, festive holidays and school holidays. What is certain is that your visit to Melaka is definitely not complete if you do not visit interesting tourist places, shopping, recreation and picnics will definitely take a long time.

Furthermore, if you are planning to bring a family convoy from a large family such as siblings, brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews you will definitely find several homestay Melaka units nearby to provide comfortable accommodation.

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