Attractive Patterns of Floor Mats That Reflect Your Personality

The colours and patterns you choose say many things about you. Be it your home style, your choice of wearing all day, what you like or not. Your choice of furniture, selection of curtains, bedsheets, carpets, and floor mats all say what you feel like about yourself. A floor matt is the one that you use to protect your home from dust particles. Whenever your kids come back from school, their shoes bring lots of dust. You just ask them to clean your shoes on the floor mat before entering. This can be done with every space you have at home. Your bathroom chappal is wet so you put your feet in front of the gate. So, whenever you come out of the bathroom, dry your chappal and come out.

Designs You Can Have at Your Home

At Woodenstreet, you can have many patterns possible for every requirement. Foot mats are not a new concept, it is a requirement at home, offices, and other places. Home floor mats are used by our grandparents too.

1. 3D prints:

It says about you, that you are adventurous. Who likes to live on the edge and have risk-taking skills. Such people usually do business or choose fields that are full of uncertainty. There are designs such as geometric lines that look real, you can add them to your study room.

  • Circle: It is something who used to live in gatherings every time. Such people are energetic every time. They use to relax and smile at whatever situation they had.
  • Triangle: People who take their own decisions are the ones who choose such shapes. They are the ambitious and confident, most stylish personalities of all.
  • Rectangle: A curious person who looks to learn new things every time, selects such shapes.
  • Square: A dedicated person who loves to work, instead of being free every time.

2. Multi-colour:

A multi-colour will add a style statement. Yes, girls choose such patterns, they are usually the one who likes colourful stuff. It is also the first choice for newly married ones, who always like this glittery stuff to decorate their room. You know, if you are the one who keeps on changing the setting of your room, then it works best with multiple spaces.

3. Geometric patterns:

If you search online, it comes in many patterns with beautiful colours that look so beautiful at your home. A vertical lines floor mat carpet is the most famous design you can have at your home, it sets an ambience and comes in different colours. Use such patterns at the entryway, which attracts your guests and will be keen to ask about it.

4. Vintage design:

Such designs are timeless, you will get this variety in stores every season. Mats carpet sets a nice ambience. This comes in many designs and colours, that easily blend with the decor you have. It adds royal touch and is easily washable that the colour never fades, allowing you to use it for long. Such investment is good for your home.

5. Soft-surface:

Such floor mats for house are good for bedrooms, living as they provide you comfort after you wake up from sleep and while you relax on your couch. These are the most common design popular among every age group.

6. Digital prints:

These are made for stairs, your kitchen, and other rooms. Such looks clean every time, you see them. If you have a nice while tile floor, then you can buy it, to add extra effects that look dramatic but decorative.

7. Floral patterns:

The floral patterns are good for a newly married couple’s bedroom. It will add cheery vibes and feel so good. Other than that girls choose such mats because they usually love to decorate their room.

The only buying guide to buy a mat is choosing according to the space. It allows you to choose a perfect size and colour that looks so good. The space that requires extra maintenance will have this beautiful floor mat, which never looks dirty. It enhances your space in no time, co choose wisely asks the shopkeeper for the best fit. Visit websites online for more ideas to spruce up your space with such floor mats. Above are the patterns that help you to choose your best, every pattern defines your personality.

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