Best Australian Mattress: Sleeping Duck Vs Koala Mattress Vs Macoda Mattress

Are you unsure about which mattress to buy for yourself? Sleeping Duck and Koala Mattress are two of the greatest mattresses in Australia, and we’re here to provide you a review of both to help you decide which one to buy.

The Sleeping Duck:

Winston Wijeratne and Selvam Snappiness, two Australian friends who were bored of hunting for the right mattress to sleep on, launched Sleeping Duck. They looked around but were unsatisfied by the beds, so they set out to make their own, with the concept that their mattresses should be adaptable so that everyone could modify the mattresses to the sort they required. A full Sleeping Duck Mattress review may be found here.

The Sleeping Duck Mattress is an extraordinary mattress that has revolutionised the Australian bedding business. It has a trial term of 100 nights and a high level of customisation. As a result, this mattress offers exceptional value for money. Some people prefer firm mattresses and pillows, whereas others prefer soft mattresses and pillows. So, in order to please everyone, two Australian friends founded this company with the concept of a personalised mattress.

The Koala Mattress

Do you get dreams about lying in bed? The mattress brand Koala, named after Australia’s most famous sleeping mammal, has developed a simple and environmentally friendly technique of assisting you in getting a better night’s sleep. Koala, unlike most other companies, aims to keep things simple by only selling the Koala Mattress. The company now offers a matching wood bed base (beginning at $800) as well as a number of other bedroom necessities such as pillows and sheets. The Koala mattresses can be purchased at the brand’s online store. If you reside in a major city, you might be able to get your new mattress delivered within four hours if you order early enough.

Macoda Mattress:

It all started with two Australian teenagers who were concerned about the state of the mattress industry before MACODA. There had to be a better alternative, as well as a high-quality product that wasn’t too expensive. As a result, we decided to go in search of it. As a result, the mattress was in a league of its own. After gathering the best features available and integrating them into a worldwide mattress perfect for Australia, they realised they wanted to make sure it was something everyone could enjoy. The exception to the norm is the MACODA mattress. By supplying the mattress digitally and vacuum packaging it, we save money on delivery, showrooms, and other expenses. They instead sell directly to you, allowing you to obtain a good night’s sleep at a lesser rate.

Conclusion of the Review

Our mattresses are not only comfy to sleep on, but they are also good for the environment, wildlife, and the planet.

We are a B Corporation and a member of the 1% for the Planet, and our factories emit nearly no emissions. Because we believe in reusing and recycling, we work with Soft Landing in Sydney and Melbourne to recycle your old mattress.


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That concludes our official Koala mattress review for the year 2021. Would we suggest the Koala mattress after considering everything? This is not a product that should be used on a regular basis. We wouldn’t use it as a daily sleeping surface because we can’t guarantee it will survive longer than 6 to 12 months. However, if you have a guest room, the Koala mattress is worth considering.

Customers who have only had their Koala mattress for a short time appreciate sleeping on it, so if you have guests that stay with you a few times a year, the Koala mattress may be a wonderful option. To put things in perspective, here’s some fast math:

If your guests stayed for two weeks each year and the Koala mattress had a six-month lifespan, the mattress would last for more than ten years.

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