Best Kanban Boards

Here are the six best Kanban boards

In this article, we’ll discuss the best Kanban boards.

Kanban Boards are one of the tools in the Agile software development methodology. They are used to implement Scrum, Lean, and other agile frameworks. Kanban boards are an efficient way to track the work in progress.

Here are the six best Kanban boards:

1. Teamhood: 

Teamhood is a cloud-based solution that offers the Best Kanban board experience. This Kanban board has a simple user interface. This Kanban board is useful for small and medium-sized teams.


– Reminders that allow you to set alerts for your task

– Unlimited number of boards with unlimited number of lists

– Ability to create color filters for each board

– Project management board is another useful feature in Teamhood. It allows you to manage the workflow of the project

2. Squid: 

This is a desktop app that offers a great Kanban board experience. It is available for both Mac and Windows. Squid is a web-based service that is very easy to use. It offers task management capabilities and real-time project tracking.


– Add tasks on the go with your mobile phone or tablet

– Easily create new tasks by dragging them onto an active column on the board

– Scrolling gesture that makes it easier to drag tasks between columns

– Assign tasks to specific team members

3. Trello: 

Trello is a popular Kanban board that is used by millions of people. It allows creating new boards for different topics, importing existing lists from other services, categorizing cards into multiple lists, giving each card due date, or editing its priority.


– Board view that shows all the cards in one place

– Create cards with checklists, due to its checklist feature

– Due dates and attachments that can be added to cards

4. LeanKit:

LeanKit offers an enterprise-level Kanban board with unlimited users, cards, boards, and integrations. It’s great for teams of all sizes.


– Dashboard that provides an overview of the entire process

– Capacity planning that helps in forecasting future demand

– Advanced filtering that allows you to see the cards that are assigned to specific projects

5. Kanbanize: 

Kanbanize is a software company that offers an online Kanban board to implement your agile methodology. It allows you to organize the work, visualize it and optimize the team’s performance. It offers great features at an affordable price.


– Board templates that help you get started quickly

– Automatic card aging helps you identify the cards that are overdue

– Custom fields that allow you to track additional information about the cards

6. Bitrix24: 

Bitrix24 is a complete solution that includes features such as CRM, PIM, and project management. This Kanban board is very simple to use.


– Drag and drop cards between columns

– Board views that allow you to see just the cards assigned to you or only your assigned tasks

– Filter cards by due date and status

Whichever Kanban board you choose, make sure it suits the needs of your team. The best Kanban boards are easy to use and offer a lot of features that cater to the needs of your team. So, choose wisely!


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