Best Sneaker Trends for Men

Best Sneaker Trends for Men

Looking to spruce up your wardrobe or looking to add a new pair of sneakers? Having the complete outfit includes having the right pair of sneakers to go with it.

People love a great pair of sneakers, and this is industry was worth nearly $100 billion in 2019 and continues to grow. Wondering about the latest sneaker trends? Keep reading—we will show you the latest trends to help you buy the best sneakers for your wardrobe.

1. Going Back to the Classics

The classics are a go-to for about anyone, and they are essential for your wardrobe. These timeless styles endure the times. Think of brands like Nike, Adidas, Vans, and Converse offering the same silhouettes for decades.

Look for a pair of black and white Converse One Star or even the Vans Old Skool. Like the classic Adidas Country from the 1970s? They are another great choice that goes with jeans, dress pants, and sweatpants alike!

2. The Minimalist Look

Just like going back to the classics, sometimes it’s best to stick to a minimalist look without all the colors, designs, and features. If you don’t like all these shocking colors, grab a pair of classic white sneakers to help you finish off your style. Flashy is not always better when it comes to footwear.

You can even find some great white shoe options with dual-toned options or with subtle accents to tie them together. This clean and class look is currently a favorite by all because it is versatile and easy to dress up with a high-end suit. You can even dress it down with classic jeans or athleisure outfits for a more comfortable vibe.

Check out some Greats Royale or Grand Crosscourt II for popular, yet affordable options. Or again, stick to the classics and grab a pair of minimalist Vans.

3. Outdoor and Trail Running Shoes

Bring the outdoors in with rugged and functional shoes. Who said that shoes couldn’t be both functional and fashionable?! You can find great outdoor tech sneakers in a hybrid style that offers a durable outsole along with support. 

Choose between colorful appearances or a more minimalist look. Performance athletic sneakers are an important trend this year, so check out some hot-ticket items like the Y-3, Philipp Plein, Loewe, and others from Adidas. These are great sweat and pleasure shoes for all occasions.

4. The Skater Style

Looking to bring back your younger years? You are in luck—the classic skater-style shoes are back. You can find a more grown-up skater look with designer brands like Golden Goose, Kenzo, or Haculla. Or, stick to the Vans or DC for a more classic style. The skater boys are back with a more modern style for all.

5. Suede Accents

Looking for another popular trend in casual sneakers? Throw in a little suede and you are in style.

Suede can be extremely stylish and add in pops of color or even make a shoe more neutral for dressing up. You can choose between neutrals like classic light olive or a light navy blue along with the classic plain brown.

Or, choose to go bolder with darker and brighter versions of these colors. You can even find some at the next level with burnt orange accents in luxury sneakers. 

Suede added texture along with visual interest to take your outfit to the next level. Blend together with leather and you have an upscale look.

Suede is also a classic fabric that will likely never go out of style. Find sneakers with a few patterns or accents, or choose to go to full suede to really step it up. Pair your suede shoes with corduroy pants, khakis, or causal jeans with a classic sweater for a timeless (and comfortable look).

6. Chunky Soles

They are back and they have been trending all over the fashion world. Yes, those chunky-soled sneakers also known as dad shoes are back on the sneaker scene.

All the brands from Gucci to New Balance to even Nike are now rocking this trend. They are also introducing crazy colors to make these brick-like silhouettes stand out even more.

You can find some options that have a more sleek silhouette or even more neutral colors—think Nike Airforce 1.

Another great example of the chunky sole shoe is the Everlane Court Sneaker that made an appearance back in 2019 to much fanfare. Get in touch with your inner-dad and rock these shoes.

7. Blending All Together

This trend says to take it all and make it a unified sneaker. You can mix suede, leather, mesh, and more in neutral colors and then add the chunky sole. Put all these styles together and you may have a shoe that stands out.

You can mix and match all textures to achieve the style you crave, and it actually helps blend your outfit together. You can check out the pricey Tom Ford Jago Neoprene, or the Mesh and Nyle Sneaker. These are quite pricey, but you can find other options.

Remember, you can make just about anything go together as long as it’s on the same shoe.

Get Your Complete Outfit

As you look to update your fall and winter wardrobe, don’t forget to get the complete outfit, including these trendy sneakers. These shoe trends will help you get the look you always wanted—whether you are a classic style kind of guy or want to go for something bold. These trends are bound to help you achieve this look. 

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