How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai 2021?

A real estate agent is endowed with good commercial sense, has excellent legal notions and knowledge of heritage. Its missions are diverse. He visits a Properties for Sale in Dubai, evaluates it, puts it on the market, manages transactions and looks for a buyer or a tenant. But how do you become a real estate agent?


In the majority of cases, a real estate agent has obtained a BTS in Real Estate Professions or a BTS in the Properties for Sale in Dubai sector such as the BTS Operational Commercial Management or the BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relations.

Private schools train in the profession of real estate agent: the Higher School of Real Estate Professions, the Higher School of Real Estate, or the Higher National Institute of Real Estate.

It is also possible to continue your studies after obtaining a BTS in an economic, commercial or legal course. This allows you to enrich your knowledge in order to specialize in a specific field. For example, the Master in Real Estate Law or Real Estate and Housing Law.


For those who are in professional retraining or who do not wish to resume long studies, it is possible to follow a distance or face-to-face training within a specialized organization.

The duration of the courses is variable because it will mainly depend on the time that can be devoted to this training. The Ecole Supérieure des Professions Immobilières regularly welcomes adults in training. Recruitment is carried out on file and then by interview. As part of a professional retraining, work-study is to be favored.

Finally, the Validation of Acquired Experience allows you to prove your skills. After 3 consecutive years of experience, a jury will be able to validate the VAE diploma. Then, the T card, necessary for the exercise of the real estate transaction, can be issued.


Other solutions are possible to become a real estate agent for Properties for Sale in Dubai and learn more about the real estate transaction. Many trainers give advice through videos available online for free. It is a first step in the field of real estate. Some agents organize training courses to become an independent agent in order to gain a better understanding of real estate prospecting tools and to build up a first network of contacts.


A real estate companies in Dubai agent can practice by being independent, that is to say on his own account. He plays the role of intermediary between the seller and the purchaser of a property. This status has advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of a self-employed real estate agent: independence. He works from home in total autonomy and organizes himself as he wishes for his visits and to carry out his work. It is he who determines his schedule. There is no link of subordination, neither with the clients, nor with the real estate agencies.

Being an independent real estate agent allows you to control your remuneration. Unlike an employee where the remuneration is fixed, a self-employed agent can earn more by carrying out more real estate transactions. Its independent status gives it the possibility of sharing its advertisements on a greater number of platforms. He can also choose the type of property he wishes to take care of and thus exercise in his field of specialty.

Finally, an independent real estate agent can quickly build up a portfolio of clients. By being in direct contact with them, the contact established is strengthened and personalized. Customers appreciate direct contact and interpersonal skills. Then, thanks to word of mouth that is being set up, new customers arrive.


However, being an independent real estate agent doesn’t just have its advantages. Autonomy is not total since it will still be in contact with a real estate agency as a real estate negotiator. Self-employed status is retained but it will be necessary to work with an agency.

To start as a self-employed person, it is essential to have good legal knowledge. Indeed, an independent real estate agent can exercise under three statutes: commercial agent, self-employed person or the structure of wage portage. The complexity of these statutes can be a hindrance. For example, a self-employed person must not exceed a certain limit in order to be able to maintain his status.

Finally, an independent real estate companies in Dubai agent must have solid knowledge to be able to easily manage his accounting in addition to his work.

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