BigCommerce tips to boost your sales

Has your conversion or sales dropped suddenly? Are you not getting sufficient traffic on your store? Do you want to rank your page up? If yes, then BigCommerce SEO expert brings you the best tips.

BigCommerce is surely one of the best-known ecommerce platforms to begin your online store journey. It offers enhanced features, a simple interface and a great user base. However, SEO plays a major role in judging the success of a BigCommerce store. If your SEO is not up to the mark, then regardless of how great your website is, how brilliant your product and services are, you will never be able to get the sales you want. Here are some BigCommerce SEO tips to help you boom your business and generate sales.

• Concentrate on Keyword Research

When on BigCommerce, if you want your website to perform well, then your SEO should start with deep keyword research. You may have heard about the significance of keywords for ecommerce websites. Hence, it is suggested to keep it in consideration.

Keyword lays the base of your SEO and marketing. If you can optimize your website and content for the right keyword, the targeted audience will definitely reach you. It boosts the chance of customers to land on your site.

Do not try to rank for keywords. Rather focus on big and small keywords to reach your targeted audience.

• Rank your on-page SEO

One of the best things which makes BigCommerce a better online store platform is the tools and functionalities it offers to the users. These tools help in tuning the on-page SEO. There are several platforms that force people to use the same settings. However, BigCommerce is different. It offers dedicated SEO fields to modify SEO settings according to your page.

• Keep your website mobile-optimized

If you don’t know, Google has already shifted to mobile-first indexing. It means your mobile-friendly website will have a bigger effect on your SEO compared to the desktop variant. Hence, make sure you optimize your BigCommerce store for mobile phones too.

Choose a mobile responsive theme and ensure that it is elegant and simple. Do not complicate your website.

• Streamline your site speed

Previously, Google announced that page speed was a major factor in mobile search. So it means that the speed at which your website loads has a major role in SEO. It will help you get higher organic traffic. A slow-loading website will divert your audience to another page. Hence, it is suggested to streamline your site speed. Test the speed with different tools. Assess its performance and choose ways to enhance the loading speed.

• Opt for a quicker and better hosting

• Use less number of plugins

• Lower the side code

• Use high-quality small images

• Use website compression Once you combine the right elements, you will develop a great SEO strategy. Ecommerce stores have tough competition. But, platforms like BigCommerce make it better for the stores to stand in the competition. With so many enhanced features, the growth potential is high. Follow the tips from a BigCommerce SEO expert and enhance the growth of your ecommerce site.

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