Book writing software

If you don’t know where to start making a book or if you always want to have a resource on hand to help you transfer those ideas to your computer, you are in the right place. Here are the best programs for writers. 


Writemonkey is an application for Windows, OSX and Linux, which will help you in an easy and simplified way all your thoughts and ideas as a writer. Completely free, this is one of the best programs to create books for its accessories on the internet.

Its main function is to be a text editor for writers . With it, you can organize yourself in a minimalist, simple and intuitive writing environment. It does not come with different types of letters, as it considers this to be a distracting element.

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Therefore, you will only have to focus on making the pertinent corrections to your manuscripts before taking them to the publisher. If you want to try it, you can access its main page.

Google Docs

Let’s talk about Google docs now. This program to write a book in the cloud allows you to create a book with a series of smart tools that you can use online. It comes with multiple font styles, page layouts, and editing features.

It includes a file converter in case you need to save your writing in some format. It also allows you to search within the editor. So if you need a little inspiration, you can search for images, quotes, photography or text.

This book editing software also enables collaborative work . Writers and editors alike will be able to edit and correct the same document in real time.

Google Docs is available for Android and iOS within the Google Drive package, which can be used for free on a smartphone, by downloading the package on the computer or also as a Google Chrome extension. 

LibreOffice Writer

For those who want a program to write books quickly, LibreOffice allows you to achieve this in a few minutes. This is achieved by leaving you a series of memos to remind you where in your book you have to work.

With many continuous improvements in its software, it supports more and more document formats to edit. Therefore, here you can create complete books without much effort regardless of their file extension.

Your documents usually have a professional finish not only in terms of format, but also in style. This is achieved with its auto-checker integrated into a multilanguage dictionary, which is capable of understanding different languages.

You can activate the autocomplete function, where it will suggest phrases to finish what you are writing. You can download its free code for free for Mac, Linux or Windows from its main website.

Do you have a lot of ideas and don’t know where to start? Or are you one of those writers who get distracted all the time? Don’t worry, Freedom will help you avoid any kind of distraction while you’re writing.

This program works as a blocker, which controls any kind of distraction such as games and social networks. Therefore, it is very good for those looking to focus on making a book  without being distracted.

It is easy to program, activating only when you consider it. In this way, it helps you avoid annoying notifications, no matter what device you are on.

With Freedom you can schedule your sessions either daily or weekly.  Find it for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows with a trial version for several days and then buy it. 


If you want to give your books a more beautiful look, V ellum allows you to diagram beautiful interiors for the pages. This program to make books and print them, will allow you to design to avoid annoying short pages. 

Whether with ornamental or slightly more modern touches, it has a beautiful visual format in a printed version as well as for an e-book . You can adjust page numbers, margins, headings, line spacing, and more.

Download this professional book program for free for Mac os 10.12 or newer version. You can pay for an advanced version to create unlimited e-books and paperbacks by unlocking more layouts.


With Stilus you can work on correcting and editing your book. This software can be integrated with multiple writing programs and tools such as WordPress, Microsoft Word and others.

Correct spelling, grammar, and style in Spanish. It can also help you with aspects such as correcting semantics, based on suggestions from the Royal Spanish Academy among other sources.

It can get bibliographic references from reliable sources, allowing you to customize each citation and revision of the text based on your interests. So it is one of the most complete book editing software.

Its online interface allows you to correct your texts directly on the web . You can download and use it for free just by accessing its website and registering.


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