Budget-friendly ideas to Revamp your Balcony

While we put so much thought into decorating the interiors of our house, we always forget to make our balcony a beautiful place too. Though the balcony is also a part of our house, in most of the households it is made like the waste corner of the house. We love to spend time on the balcony in the winter mornings when the sun shines, in the peaceful evening to watch the sky while we sip a cup of tea, in the cool nights of summer and much more.

So, let’s not ignore the decoration of our balconies’ this time and this season let’s do a balcony makeover. Here are some tips to make your job easy

  1. Clean it properly

The first work to do is to clean the balcony. And the most important to keep cleaning it as you do for the rest of your house. At first, it can be a little overwhelming, but as you keep doing it regularly it will be a daily chore. After you will clean your balcony, half of your work will be done. Don’t forget to throw away all the useless items that have been stored up on the balcony.

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  1. Make a plan

When you will Google it, you will find hundreds of ideas that you will find attractive and you will want to do. So, don’t get confused. First, decide the kind of vibe you want from the decoration. Ask yourself some questions. Would you like to keep it minimalist?  What time of the day do you spend on the balcony? What is your budget? What are the materials that can stay all the long in the balcony without damage? According to the answers, you decide, list down things you will do or doodle it on a paper how you want the end result to look.

  1. Complete the walls first

Walls are a very important part. If it is in your budget, put some colours on the wall according to the kind of vibe you want. You can also put a textured wall design which can give an outdoor vibe to the balcony. Also, you can put some twinkling lights on the walls or some pictures and paintings. The walls can also be decorated with some macron wall hangings or hanging planters.

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  1. Set up the interiors

After you are done with the walls, you can now put all the things you have to decide to put on the balcony. You can set up a small table and chair where you can sit and look at the sky and have a peaceful cup of coffee. You can also put some pillows around the table.

If you are a greenery lover, you can put as many plants and flowers as you want. There is nothing like too much green. Decorate it as you like and you can also redecorate it according to the season and your mood.

Don’t forget to take a before and after picture of your balcony. Invite your friends and relatives for a cup of tea and enjoy the vibe of your new balcony look.

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