Build Best eCommerce Store Using Ideal Platform Better Than CS Cart And Others

There are various eCommerce development platforms other than CS Cart which are impotent to provide essential eCommerce features. The list of such eCommerce store development tools includes Shopify, BigCommerce, Sharetribe, WooCommerce, X-Cart, Magento, NopCommerce, Virtuemart, J2Store, Prestashop, and many others. These platforms claim to the subscribers or site visitors to provide 100% reliable solutions at an economical cost.

But not only one but all of them are unable to stand true to their claim. ‘There are a lot of complications that a user faces when subscribed to all of the above-mentioned platforms. Problems like unavailability of scalable solutions, unavailability of active, reliable, and freely available customer support, unavailability of the agile customer development team by the platform itself, unavailability of the solution available for free for the masses, and whatnot!

The platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce don’t even provide the accessibility to the user to create a multi-vendor store. The platforms like BigCommerce, CS Cart, and Sharetribe don’t provide any important eCommerce-associated features in their freemium version. Thus the user has to subscribe to the most prime version to leverage the whole range of platform features. This is a huge risk as their monthly subscription charges and service fees may leave you with an empty bank balance as the marketplace builder may not be suitable as per your requirement and may not be able to let you create custom modules.

A platform like Magento showcases a lot of incompatibility and uncertainty among many of its own versions. For example, the company all of the sudden stopped its version 1.0 without any support for migration to the preceding version, that is, version 2.0. They didn’t even provide any documentation or customer support for any of the queries the user then faced who were using version 1.0. It is for sure, that you won’t be relying on such untrustable and not even a single pennyworth spending on a web store development platform.

Below is the pointwise detailing upon the challenges you could face by subscribing to the above-mentioned tools.

Integrated eCommerce solutions: Many leading names of the eCommerce development platform fail miserably in providing all-round solutions to almost every essential eCommerce requirement. If the customer support and the core development team of the corresponding platform is not much responsive then in that case, you as a store owner either have to rely on the third-party development service provider or the third-party extensions available.

Lack of Scalable Solution Providers: Have you ever incurred to the dark pattern of forced monthly subscription where you agree to auto-debits from your accounts by the service providers and the way to get out of it, or let’s say, the way to unsubscribe to such service is much more cumbersome then you have thought of. With the advent of more and more services on the cloud, many eCommerce development solution providers have moved to a monthly subscription channel to earn revenue irrespective of the fact whether the store owner consumes your service or not. Instead, the model should be completely opposite.

Visibility and Availability of a mass solution platform: In the eCommerce applications industry there was a time where there was no, not single eCommerce platform development tool that could guarantee to be future proof, provide a solution to almost all the evolving market problems and concerns, and was efficient to cater all the dynamic and ever-changing requirements of a store owner. Therefore, all the marketplace owners were doing was to fluctuate from one platform to another in the thirst of the most appropriate platform.

Relying on third-party service providers like the CS Cart development services for the corresponding platform could be draining in terms of resource utilization, time, and money without any fruitful results and business outcomes.

Depending on the third-party extensions requires a bit of technical knowledge. Also, it can be possible that you may face a serious level of incompatibility issues when the plugin could be incorporated with the marketplace you have created. If the marketplace is made live with the running bugs being unresolved which have been caused by the third-party extension, then your user may face many negative user experience issues

Thus you need a platform that overcomes all such challenges one could have faced when subscribing to the above-mentioned or similar platforms. Here comes the one which has evolved out of constant criticism from industry experts, reviews of globally spread customers, and consistent feedback, and design thinking practices of the UX practitioners and designers, that is, Sellacious.000000Sellacious is a free eCommerce platform available for Joomla designed to grow your business quickly.

This platform has more than 5000 essential eCommerce features available for free in the freemium version itself to let anyone create a b2b, b2c, c2c – niche or a multi-vendor web store that too within 15 minutes. This open-source platform allows you to create your own extension and has a core team to serve you custom development requirements. Moreover, this agile team provides CS Cart development services at economical rates than CS-Cart itself.

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