Build the Best Online Shopping Cart Software with an Ideal Marketplace Software Platform

There are various eCommerce development platforms that claim to provide reliable, trustworthy features that could let anyone create the online shopping cart of their dreams, But, the reality is harsh but should be known to everyone out there who is looking to start up their journey having an online shopping cart or migrating from their existing marketplace software download to something which is actually used by thousands and recommended by many.

The platform which has constantly evolved through the critiques from the industry experts and cater to the personalized requirement of any entrepreneur who reaches out to its core team. The sole platform is known as Sellacious. This ultimate platform not only provides the base for any new entrant to start and explore this lucrative and high-paying industry of e-commerce but also promulgate their business through custom-built features which make them distinct from any other business in the same league.

This platform comes in 3 subscription plans. Starting with the freemium version, you get more than 5000 essential eCommerce features to let anyone startup with their b2b, b2c, c2c – niche or multi-vendor online shopping cart software. In addition to that, the platform has its hosting solutions available at affordable cost and 100% uptime guaranteed. You get catering to any bandwidth of the audience irrespective of the timezone they access your webstore.

Moreover, you as a store owner are charged for only resources which are brought in consumption. There are platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce which don’t let you create a multi vendor marketplace software at all in any other version that they feature. Nevertheless, the store owner who hasn’t done much of the research and mapped their marketplace requirements to the platform offering get trapped into the lucrative website of platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce who follows the dark pattern of entrapping the user’s attraction tending them to subscribe to their most premium version without having a clear through vision of what it has to offer.

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Unlike platforms like Sharetribe where you need to subscribe to its most expensive subscription plan to build a PWA, omnichannel model-based marketplace, you can make it free when going for Sellacious. In fact, the ease-of-use is so much that you can leverage this platform without any prior experience of creating, maintaining, and operating an online marketplace, and without any technical knowledge required. There are more than nine free templates available in the freemium version to let anyone create and modify their own front-end.

All of these templates either paid or free are thoroughly UX optimized and curated through various levels of reviews from the industry experts. There is an easy-to-use template editor which lets you create the marketplace at your own pace without any technical support. Moreover, you get internet-wide support for this open sourced platform, and detailed and easy-to-understand documentation of use is available on the commercialized, official website of the platform. You as a store owner can scale up or ramp down the excess of features under consideration based on the audience available at the site.

There are features available like reports and dashboard, tax rule creation, product, variant upload, category, and sub-category creation and bifurcation, filter, chat, search widget incorporation, various third-party, custom-built widget incorporation, product rule creation, coupon code rule creation, and distribution, targeted audience marketing, discount rule creating and application on cart value or product, query for a price, call-to-action, vendor registration, custom subscription plans, roles and permission, access grants, returns and exchange management, payments, payouts and refunds, translation, inventory and export management, packaging, warehouse maintenance and alert generation on reaching exhaustion limits, refunds, cancellation policies, shipment, reviews, rating, and feedback, customer support, custom development support, AWS and analytics plugging, in-built wallet, translation, and much more.

You get all the necessary and trendy features with this platform and can either build your own custom module and this platform is 100% open source or get it built from the core development team of Sellacious. You get absolutely free customer support to hear your grievances, mark your feedback, provide development support or resolve any business idea query at 24×7, 365 days available. 

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