Buy The Best At-Home Gel Manicure Kit To Save Some Bucks!

Are you wondering whether you can get the perfect gel nails at home? And are loads of bucks spent at the nail salon bothering you? If yes, worry no more!! The at-home gel manicure kit has got you covered! The best at-home gel manicure kit is gaining immense popularity among women due to its reasonable price as compared to the prices of getting acrylic nails. The best part is that along with nail embellishment supplies, you also get nail polish curing UV lamps which dries your nails within no time. Women all around the world can create the manicure of their dreams at home and experiment with different designs and colors of gel nail polish. 

Is it worth buying a gel manicure kit?

One of the best things about having an at-home gel manicure kit is that it is cheaper than visiting the salon every now and then. Especially if you get your nails done regularly, manicure kits are the most pocket-friendly choice. The prices of the manicure kits vary depending on the brands offering them or the ingredients of the kit. Some kits include the curing UV lamp, whereas, for others, you have to buy the lamps separately. Furthermore, you must be assured that the ingredients of the kit can be used and not only for once, unlike the acrylic nails. That said, if you like to keep your nails well painted and manicured, nothing can be more pocket-friendly than investing in an at-home gel manicure kit. With a steady hand and a decent amount of patience, you can embellish your nails in creative ways without spending too much time and money. 

What are the ingredients of an at-home gel manicure kit?

Before you invest in the at-home gel manicure kit, you must make sure to check the ingredients of the kit. Investing in the right supplies while buying online is essential. Check for the following essentials in the kit:

  • UV or LED lamp
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Nail Buff 
  • Top Coat
  • Base Coat 
  • Gel Nail Polish

Although you can also use the regular nail paint in place of gel nail polish on the base coat, using the ingredients of the manicure kit is a wise option. Moreover, the regular nail polish does not last as long as the gel nail paint and may not be as lustrous as the original product. 

How to do at-home gel manicures?

1. Before applying gel nail polish, it is essential to cut and file your nails. Filing your nails preps it for a manicure. File them to make the lengths as per the desire and then smoothen the rough edges. 

2. Apply cuticle oil to your nail beds in order to soften the cuticles, which will help to push them back gently. Do not forget to wash your hands afterward. 

3. Buff your nails from edge to edge and clean up the residue with an alcohol wipe. 

4. Apply a layer of the base coat of the gel manicure kit and cure your nails under a UV lamp. 

5. Now, apply the gel nail polish on your nails gently to avoid chipping. Cure the nail polish under the UV lamp again.

6. Lastly, finish up with the top coat to lock the texture of your gel nail paint and add some extra luster to the overall look of gel nail polish. Order the at-home gel nail polish kit from reputed online brands to receive the best quality products!

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