Checking the Diesel Injectors for Draining Into the Return Line

With time, as the injectors wear out, issues can arise when fuel from them returns to the system. For such a reason, the fuel pump becomes unable to create the necessary operating pressure. Consequently, such a thing can become an issue not just for starting but also with the engine’s operation.

It is not challenging to check diesel injectors with your own hands. For such a thing, firstly, you need to buy a medical syringe and a dropper system (you require a tube at least 45 cm long).

To find a nozzle that throws off an excessive amount of fuel into the return line, you must follow a specific algorithm of actions:

  • Eliminate the plunger from the syringe;
  • Insert the dropper tube into the syringe’s throat and connect the syringe to the “return” of the nozzle, while the engine is running,
  • Hold the syringe for 2 minutes and collect the fuel (if it can be collected);
  • Repeat the procedure for all injectors one after another or create a unique system for all simultaneously.

The quantity of fuel inside the syringe indicates the presence or absence of difficulty with the injector and enables us to form conclusions.

  • If the syringe is empty, this indicates that the nozzle is entirely functional.
  • The amount of fuel in a syringe is 2-4 ml – acceptable limits.
  • The fuel amount in the syringe is 10-15 ml – the nozzle is partially or entirely out of order. And its repair/replacement is needed using doorstep car service Pune.

But, such a check on diesel injectors at home is straightforward and allows you to judge only the throughput of the sprayer.

Diagnostic stand

An excellent professional test bench for injectors contains routine tests that allow express diagnostics and identify more subtle malfunctions.

The most straightforward bench test is carried out on the retention of the working pressure by the nozzle, as well as on possible contamination and wear. The flame’s shape is visually assessed while spraying a calibrated liquid. The basic abilities of the device are determined, if not fulfilled, the injector is unambiguously rejected.

More complicated tests determine the suitability of the tested part for operation in all modes from idle to maximum power. In such cases, we need to check the speed of the valves using the pre-injection methods and the conditions of the check valves.

This is the only way to assess the general condition and the ability to meet the current standards for environmental friendliness of the exhaust and predict the residual resources. The outcome of the work of a professional stand will be the coding of the conditional state of the injector.

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