Actually, there is no age for a parent to take the child to a wimbledon dental care. Generally, when the adult teeth start coming out parents become conscious about how they will look. The adult teeth come out from the age of five or six. By the age of 7 a child has a mixture of primary and permanent teeth. If there is a problem then it is better to start taking care of it from this age. A dentist plays an important role in one’s overall health and this is something that most people do not realise. 

A Wimbledon dentist says it is effective to start the treatment from a young age and this involves monitoring the growth and development of the face and the skull. Waiting for all the permanent teeth to erupt and then starting with the treatment is not advisable because by then the facial growth is almost over. This time correction within the mouth can be difficult and painful at the same time. Few treatments cannot accomplish if the face and the jaws are no longer growing. This treatment begins with examining the teeth and the jaws and then he may suggest an X-Ray. If the dentist thinks it is necessary then he will make a mould out of it to create an impression. 

  • What is the need for orthodontic treatment for children?

The purpose of taking help from a dentist of SW19 Confidental is to create a healthy and functional bite that forms a part of jaw position and tooth alignment. The jaws and teeth need to line up in the correct profile to function properly. If this does not happen then several problems can give rise to your child’s health. 

  • Common reasons you need to take your child to a Wimbledon dentist at SW19 Confidental for correction are: –
  • For an interceptive treatment to simplify the later treatment while the baby milk teeth leave and the adult ones grow.
  • To modify the growth- the dentist will check the child’s existing growth pattern to see the shape and the size of the jaws
  • Correcting the bite
  • Overcrowding of the teeth
  • The difficulty of adult teeth to come up due to lack of space

If your orthodontics suggests invisible braces then do not think about it twice and go for it. It is better to wear braces from a young age than to wear them later. These days children’s braces are easy to maintain and it does not hurt them in any manner. They can go to school, play, eat and sleep with them. As a parent just check that the braces are clean and your child is brushing and rinsing his mouth after each meal. 

  • What to expect from the appointment?

The dentists of SW19 Confidental will check the child for 6 to 8 weeks to see the progress. They will keep monitoring it, so for this, the child must visit the clinic regularly. This treatment will help the child to chew and bite in a proper manner and he or she will not have a problem speaking. Straight teeth are less prone to injury, gum disease, or decay. Proper orthodontic treatment by a Wimbledon dentist will bring an attractive smile and self-confidence to your child. 

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