Cloud-Based DDOS Protection Keeps Your Business Online

A cloud-based DDOS protection service can help your business stay online during a cyber-attack by automatically creating and deploying targeted defenses against the latest attacks, even if there is no previous attack signature information. 

The article describes how a cloud-based DDoS protection system will protect a business from a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The business can choose to have one or more servers available to use as a backup should a DDoS attack occur. These servers are able to filter out unwanted traffic and thus prevent a DDoS attack from affecting the business’s server. 

Who is Targeted by DDoS Attacks? 

The most common targets of DoS attacks are internet-connected computers. A typical attack will render a victim’s internet connection unusable by flooding it with traffic from multiple sources. It can be hard to determine the source of these attacks, which may be conducted by disgruntled employees, competitors, or hackers. 

Businesses of all sizes are targeted by DDoS attacks, even small ones. Especially with the rise of ransomware, it’s important for businesses to be able to operate even in the event of a cyber-attack. This is where cloud-based DDOS protection comes in. It will keep your business online in the event of a DDOS attack, without having to invest in physical infrastructure to block the attack. 

Hacking Activity Launch a DOS Attack 

A DOS attack is when a hacker launches a direct denial of service attack on a computer or network to slow down or temporarily disable it. DDOS protection from cloud-based security companies can keep your business online and protect you from these attacks. 

“There are several methods that can be used to launch a DDOS attack, these include floods of broadcast packets, UDP floods, SMB-based DDoS attacks, overloading the firewall by creating massive amounts of filter rules, or creating massive amounts of bogus sessions. 

The process that a hacker will use to launch a DOS attack, depends on the type of attack that they are planning to launch. They can also carry out attacks without creating a denial-of-service attack by flooding a specific target with large volumes of packets at a fast rate.” 

DoS Protection Prevent an Attack 

Cloud-based DDOS Protection Keeps Your Business Online DoS attacks are no joke. If you have a web-based business, you know the damage that can be done if your server goes down for any amount of time. That’s why DDoS protection is so important, and it’s even more important if you use cloud services for hosting your website. A recent Forbes article discusses how to keep your website online by using cloud-based DDOS protection. 

DoS attacks are scary and costly for both the victim and the attacker. “A great many people — including those that we’ve interviewed — don’t understand what a DoS is and how it works, and they usually think of DDoS as the only type of DoS attack.” Here’s why: A DoS attack can be launched using one of two methods: flooding or saturation. 

With flooding, an attacker uses a botnet to send high levels of traffic to a website or server. Then, as a result of the excessive number of requests being sent, the target website or server is unable to handle the request rate and crashes. 

Types of Dos Attacks 

A DDoS attack is a way of interrupting your business’s service and downtime could cost your company a lot. The types of DDoS attacks are: 

  • Non-targeted: This type of attack utilizes a botnet or malware to infect as many devices as possible and can generate an immense amount of traffic. 
  • Targeted: This type of attack targets a company for personal reasons, such as revenge. -Cloud-based: This protection is based on the cloud 

What can you do to Protect Against DoS Attacks? 

The first thing you can do to protect against a denial-of-service attack is to make sure that your data center is capable of handling the traffic. Next, monitor your network for any unusual activity. You can also install software or update a firewall to a DDOS protection service to keep your business online. 

Finally, invest in proper IT infrastructure. Investing in tools that combat DoS attacks will not only protect your business but also improve security at your company. 

This will allow your business to operate more efficiently, ensuring that it is not at risk of failing. If you are concerned about the security of your data, simply invest in this solution to keep your network safe. 

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