Coated Vs Uncoated Custom Perfume Boxes: What’s Better?

You might have the question of whether to spend your budget on fancy coating options or not. The answer is an absolute yes. A single finishing touch can lead to an overall evolution in your custom perfume box’s aesthetic. Giving your dull cardboard packaging a new standpoint. They not only give a refined look but are extremely vital if you want your product to stand out in the crowd. There are several types you can choose and design from. But first of all, “What is the significance of coatings?” & “What purpose does each of them serve?” Let’s take a closer look at how you can decide whether to go for coatings on your custom perfume boxes or not.

What Is the Significance of Coatings on Custom Perfume Boxes?

By adding this fine layer of technology to your custom wholesale perfume boxes, you give it a new texture breath, which leads to an overall rise in the quality of the packaging. When composing a box, it is vital to choose a packaging material of fine quality, but whatever option you choose, the surface of the box will still be a bit rough. To cover this up and provide quality, a smooth coating option is implemented on the box. Having a finish is the number one choice for perfume business owners. No matter the product inside, consumers judge cosmetics on their first look. And that first look is provided by your three layers of packaging. One of which you are required to coat.

If you are perhaps looking for a packaging solution that can provide your brand and product value, this is your biggest bet.

The main function of these coatings of different types is to furnish the look and store it in the best way possible.

What Would Happen When Your Perfume Boxes Do Not Have a Coated Surface?

A Non-Coated surface is the exact opposite of a coated one. It has become a vital need for your brand and requires high technology. If you do not select a certain coating type, your boxes will look unfinished. The element of excitement will not be present. Hence a solid decrease in sales. If you are using product display packaging for your perfumes, you may require this option the most. However, if you choose not to, your custom perfume boxes are less likely to be noticed. Your brand recognition can stoop to a certain level.  It is extremely advisable to have a coating for your box despite the additional costs. Spot-printed places have a bit of raised surface. That can lead to an extremely bad first impression on the consumer’s mind.

Can You Have Cost-Effective Coating Features?

Lucky for you, there are cost-effective options available too! Giving relief to your pocket with the same commendable quality. There are ways you can minimize the cost further. By using Spot UV & finishing, you can add a commendable quality character to your eco-friendly kraft perfume boxes. Having an element of uniqueness with little to no heavy budget! You can also choose a cosmetic packaging company that can design boxes by minimizing extra costs and balancing your budget by providing you with fantastically custom perfume boxes.

The Benefits of Having A Coated Perfume Box Surface  

There are many purposes for choosing a significant coating character. Here you will learn the benefits of different types of coatings.

Lamination of Perfume Packaging Boxes:

This is expected to be the best in terms of quality. But also a bit more expensive because of its protective traits. Unlike other coatings, lamination gives any type of box a smooth surface and the best protection from weather and environmental factors. It is also considered to be water, dust-resistant, and more tear-resistant. Making it the best feature for shipping.

UV & AQ Semi-Gloss Finishing:

This type of coating is less expensive. If you are looking for an option that provides effectiveness as well as a low gloss sheen texture and does not attract the eye instantly, this is your best bet.

 Little Gloss Luxury Scent Boxes :

These are particularly for low to medium size orders. Giving a glossy sheen but not enough to be noticed at first sight. This type of digital printing is used for product efficiency. Generating a lower cost for the perfume boxes unit and a wholesale rate for it. However, this is changing over time as perfume markets are becoming more aware of their designing options and adding more designs to their shipping perfume boxes to leverage more promotion possibilities.

Matte Coatingon Luxury Scent Boxes:

This can be your best option as a luxury brand. Attracting customers has never been easier. This coating option is widely known for its typical elegant look. This can be beneficial if you are choosing a luxury theme for your custom perfume boxes.

With all these famous benefits, there is no doubt that you should definitely opt for a coated surface rather than a non-coated one. There are a lot of cosmetic packaging companies that can help you achieve these incredible outcomes for your custom perfume boxes.


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