Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Lacrosse Gear

Have you decided to play lacrosse for the first time? That’s great! But you need to understand that playing lacrosse for the first time is quite a daring task. Proper lacrosse gear can help you to have a great lacrosse experience. Now, as you have decided to be a lacrosse team member, you must avoid mistakes that can bring down your lacrosse career before starting. The very common mistake is to ignore the importance of a custom lacrosse jersey.

Like every game, lacrosse requires a particular set of equipment that differs with respect to gender and age. Apart from the standard rules, the players should follow the most recent guidelines. Moreover, the purchasing of the correct lacrosse gear is of significant importance. 

In this blog post, we will talk about the avoidance of common mistakes when purchasing lacrosse gear. For this, we will throw some light on the mistakes that you usually commit. 

Before hopping into the mistakes, let’s have a look at the importance of the right lacrosse gear.


Why is right lacrosse gear essential?

Mainly as a new player, you end up making plenty of mistakes in choosing the right outfit. And without the right gear, you can’t give your best performance in the field. So, you can’t take the risks that hinder your performance.

A proper lacrosse team uniform imparts a positive impact on your training sessions. For example, if you purchase low-quality lacrosse gear, it may easily be worn out and affect your confidence.


Common mistakes when buying lacrosse gear

Let’s delve into the detail of mistakes when purchasing lacrosse gear.

1.    Considering the Practice gear insignificant:

Most lacrosse team members overlook the importance of the practice gear. They purchase lacrosse pennies, shooter shirts, and lacrosse uniforms without focusing on custom lacrosse jerseys. Their mistake usually puts the team in big trouble.

The reason is that the practice gear affects the lacrosse training sessions. Without the proper lacrosse team uniform, you wouldn’t feel confident wearing your lacrosse shooter shirt or lacrosse pinnies. The player may get confused and get distracted from his practice due to the damaged gear. 


2.    Choosing the low-quality lacrosse gear bags

Another common mistake that the lacrosse team encounter is that they purchase low-quality lacrosse gear bags. The toughness of lacrosse gear bags is very important. Your bag is the most used item. It will be pushed, pulled, thrown about, and moved here and there multiple times. So it would be great if you found something that can take the abuse.

Do you want to use a smaller bag? Well, in that case, the quality zipper is something significant. Otherwise, you will be changing it too often.

Waterproof bags are pretty appealing for leaving them in bad weather. There are readily available waterproof bags in the market at reasonable rates.

We assure you that the lacrosse gear bags with the above qualities can easily withstand all the abuse.

Let’s grab a perfect bag that can serve you well in the field.

3.    Avoiding the safe lacrosse gear

For any sport, safety gear is extremely important. Similarly, a safe lacrosse gear that fits correctly is something considerable. Lack of safety lacrosse equipment can lead to massive injuries, which is bad news for the players. Without them, they may hurt their arms, legs, or other body parts.

Here are some of the lacrosse safety gear that you often ignore during the game.

Let’s get your hands on this great equipment without breaking the bank.

  • Mouthguards: these are required for the lacrosse team to protect their lips, cheeks, tongue, and teeth.
  • Shoulder and elbow pads: almost every lacrosse boy needs elbow and shoulder pads to protect their upper body and arms. Additionally, they can use rib pads and full arm guards.
  • Helmets: helmets accompanied with facemasks are another vital safety lacrosse gear. The players must wear helmets approved by the standards for athletic equipment.
  • Goggles: Eye protection is necessary for the girls’ lacrosse players. Some players choose the goggles with steel cages, while others prefer the plastic goggles.
  • Lacrosse stick: both boys and girls need different lacrosse sticks. For guys, the stick’s pocket needs to be deeper, which allows them to throw the ball faster.
  • Cleats: if you want to play lacrosse on turf or grass, cleats are required. Many players prefer mid-level cleats.

Shoppers have two types of cleats, i.e., detachable cleats and molded cleats.

  1. Detachable cleats are better for broader scenarios.
  2. Molded cleats can be used for dry turf. 

4.    Wrong fitted lacrosse team uniform

You can never deny the importance of the right fitted pads and lacrosse team uniform. The tight equipment might affect the player’s movement. However, if they are too big in size, the team member may show awkward movements and repeatedly adjust their pads and helmets.

As a newbie, you are likely to make an error in buying non-precise kinds of substances. With such things, you can’t enjoy the finest efficiency. And that is the risk you probably can’t take. Your efficiency truly depends on it. So, just get the good equipment that fits you properly.

5.    Undermining custom lacrosse jersey

Lacrosse players require a custom lacrosse uniform made up of tough material. The material of custom lacrosse jerseys, kilts, and shorts must bear every dodge and break.

Search the top sports brands and choose the best lacrosse apparel. Many online designers prepare lacrosse wear with customized logos having numbers and names of players.

6.    Buying too old equipment

The old and worn-out equipment is less likely to provide you with a great lacrosse experience. The heads and organizers should devise different ways to provide newer and high-quality stuff to their team members. It doesn’t mean buying new equipment but switching them with outdated stuff when needed.   

Buying tip:

To purchase a proper lacrosse team uniform, visit the online store and protect yourself from the unnecessary hassle. All you have to do is to go for a good retailer and place the order online.

Online shopping is good as you can get access to multiple assortments in few minutes while sitting on your sofa. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a private go to the shop and simply get anything through your web.

A good retailer can also help you to get the custom lacrosse team uniform. So go to your web, check out enormous choices, and select the most precise gear for yourself.


Lacrosse is an active and fast-paced sport that demands you to protect yourself in the field. You need a complete set of excellent lacrosse gear. 

Now you are aware of the common mistakes of lacrosse gear. We advise you to comply with the above information and make yourself more professional. This article will help you get the precise gear with less effort and money.  Immediately get your custom lacrosse uniform, including a custom lacrosse jersey, and look your best both on the field and on the road. Trying out the right equipment will also boost your success in the lacrosse career


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