Considering Retail Shop Fittings for Sale? Here is what you need to plan for to avoid shoplifting

Shoplifting is one of how your retail store can make losses. However, it is easy to solve issues, especially if you have appropriate planning and architecture in place. One of the best ideas is to ensure that your shop fittings are designed to minimize the losses due to shoplifting.

Here are a few ways in which you can easily avoid shoplifting even when buying Retail Shop Fittings for Sale

  • Make a plan to have an open floor plan with minimal clutter

It is important to have your retail space as open and clutter-free to avoid any chances of shoplifting. With a clean and tidy setting, your employees will be able to keep a close watch about what is happening throughout the shop. Buying the right Retail Shop Fittings for Sale will reduce your costs and make the suspicious activities more visible. It will also deter the shoplifters as they lack a suitable place to undertake their task.

On the other hand, if such an open space experiences rush, shoplifters can easily enjoy their way. To avoid such a situation, ensure that two people manage each floor.

  1. Position your cash register strategically

You need to consider raising the platforms for the cash register. It allows your employees to keep an eye on the store when others are busy attending to customers. Another consideration is to have a cash register near the entrance and exit so that you can easily counter shoplifters.

  • Invest in strategic displays

Choosing the right displays can have a twofold benefit – displaying your goods and keeping them safe. These can also be used as a barrier to allow your customers to move across products on offer. It can be a potent tool against shoplifters. Ensure that displays like Open Deck Display Chiller are placed close to your employees, and smaller versions are close to the customers to keep clear sightlines throughout the store. In addition, you can install glass cabinets to augment your business outcomes.

  • Install mirrors and lights

If you are buying Retail Shop Fittings for Sale,it is best to supplement these with the right mirrors and lighting. Doing so will remove dark corners and blind spots. Also, these make your shop appear larger and well-lit. 

It is best to install convex mirrors to attain the most suitable outcomes.

  • Invest in signages

You don’t need to risk valuable real estate space on signage for shoplifters. Shoplifters will instantly spot the same when scanning for cameras

  • Give personal attention and great customer service

By choosing the right customer service strategy, you can deliver effective outcomes. You can also deter shoplifters by ensuring that each customer is welcomed and escorted by the employees.

Making employees walk through the aisles where customers are browsing can be an effective idea. It will alert the shoplifters and discourage them from making a decision. 

  • Invest in a good maintenance strategy

Keeping the merchandise neatly stacked on store shelves and following a suitable maintenance schedule can easily prevent shoplifters. A clean and well-maintained store appears a major deterrent for shoplifters as the store attracts better customer attention and footfalls.

Thus, even though shoplifting is a reality, it can be easily managed by keeping the points mentioned above considered when designing a new store.

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